Friday, February 4, 2011

Malaysia NICI Plush Shop Revisited

As promised, we are going to revisit the one and only NICI plush outlet in the capital city of Malaysia! If you are a NICI lover too, you will understand why we are so excited. You may visit our previous NICI shop adventure here in: Part One & Part Two

This time my owner finally brought me (oh well, mini me) along!

Not too much changes on the racks since our last visit except that we see an abundance of stock for My Lovely Bear series. We still spot Milo Gorilla and Gwen Giraffe at the same shelf.

And there's a lot of Rob Raccoon and Frederic Fox available, they probably just arrived in Malaysia. The Raccoons are very cute, especially the bigger ones.

Love Cats spotted..

They arrived at the most precise timing because Valentine's Day is coming.

The NICI Wild Friends shelf looks pretty much the same as before.

The 120cm Husky is still here! You can spot two Jolly Ben in the background, we wanted to bring one of them back but both of them don't look cute enough to convince our owner to buy them.

You guessed it right, 120cm Hugo Wolf is still here too *sigh* We feel that he's saying: "Daddy, when are you going to bring me home? sobs"

This was a fruitful trip as we have brought home some very adorable plushies which are almost on the verge of extinction. Will put up their pictures in the next post hopefully tonight when we have time. We have been too busy for Chinese New Year celebrations and family reunions. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday too!


  1. Haha.. I got a good news for you.. I found your Edward yesterday :D

    And btw, does NICI Msia have 15cm love cats??

  2. What pretty are all. I love Hugo Wolf 120cm, is very cute ^_^

  3. Wow, 120 cm Hugo, he is almost as tall as I am, hehehehe ;-)))
    Have a nice weekend and lucky holidays :)

  4. @Stephanie: Thanks! wow! I'm so excited about Edward. There wasn't any 15cm love cats, they probably did not bring that size in. Did you find them at your place?

    @Bea: That Hugo is very cute, only that his price tag isn't convincing. I wonder if I could negotiate with them to give me a better price =D

    @Raquel: Thanks for your kind wishes! I guess I must set myself a deadline to bring my big wolf brother home the next time if we still see him at the shop.

  5. 120CM Jill looks so cute but sad! Wish to hug her... Hope she finds a good owner taking her home eventually

  6. how much the price for nici plush in size 30 and 35 in Malaysia?

    Maybe I will ask my aunt in Malaysia to buy some of the collections that don't have in my place.

  7. Generally 35cm nici plush in Malaysia are selling for RM79.90 but I did not check all of them. Some older 35cm Jolly Mah plush went for RM69.90 but some other 35cm plush like the TG Tiger which in particular is selling for RM89.90! I don't know why is TG Tiger more expensive because in Singapore, they are selling at a cheaper price.

  8. Indonesia the price depends on the size. Size 35 they are selling for RP. 239.000,-

  9. I see, so the price is almost the same.

  10. I love all those big toys which i could cuddle them in my sleep. too bad i could not afford them =/

  11. hi are you?i love NICI.i have 4 nici toys.LOVE CATS-LOLA,JOLLY MAH-MAGGIE,FOREST FRIENDS BUNNY-KIKI and JOLLY MAH-SOFIE.i love them.please write me back.your friend SARAH

  12. Daddy will bring me from Italy NICI new toy. I do not know yet what it will,but I look forward.please write me back.thank you so much ;))

  13. Hello Sarah, thanks for your comments. I have replied you before here. Great to hear you're gonna get new nici toys! I feel excited for you too! :)