Sunday, May 20, 2012

NICI Dragon 2012

Continuing from our previous NICI Tiger Dragon post, the real NICI Dragons finally arrived at NICI-Mania! Meet the blue dragon Ivan :)

There is also the sinister dragon Dracon and the fire dragon Landogar who did not come home with us.

 Only blue NICI Dragon came back with us because Ivan is the cutest of all 3

blue NICI Dragon with its powerful wings and armored skin.

NICI Dragon has a Devil's tail!

and also the devil's horns! Jolly Lucy Mah is lurking behind waiting for her photoshoot session after NICI Dragon.

Lastly, the cute reptile paws. All are extremely meticulous design on the NICI Dragon to make it so adorable!

Jolly Lucy Mah got bored of waiting for NICI Dragon to finish his photoshoot. She came over and said "Hi~" to her new friend.

Lucy Mah: "Hey blue, nice wings! Can we be friends?"
NICI Dragon Ivan: "Sure! (^_^)"

Oh well...Ivan didn't know what he got himself into..
 Lucy Mah: "Need a ride to Germany..QUICK..FLY..!!"
NICI Dragon: "help~~~~~"

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Edward Scissorhand - The Master Plan

Last episode, we saw Minily Edward Horse digging through a box to find a huge pair of scissors, what did Edward Scissorhands inspire Edward Horse to do? What is the connection between Edward Scissorhands and Edward Scissor-Horse?

So there you see Edward carrying his huge scissors passing by other NICI plush toys, they glance at him with curious looking eyes wondering where he is going..and suddenly, Edward stops and turns to Jolly Wolf

Hey Jolly Wolf, wait for me to come back!

Jolly Wolf totally clueless and Edward Scissor-Horse continues to move on. He then stumbles upon a trio of sheep and wolf plush having high tea, or 'high peanut butter'..

Hugo Wolf....hmmm....hehehe
(Edward mumbles to himself for 3 seconds and took off)

Jolly Sheebo to Hugo Wolf:"Did I just see a horse with scissors walk by?"
Hugo Wolf :"I think so...why?"
Jolly Sheebo :"I think he was staring at you for a moment just now"

Jolly Rosa :"I SEEEEE HIM!!"

Finally..Edward Scissor-Horse found his target!
Black NICI plush target spotted
Black NICI plush target locked in


Edward moves towards his plush target gingerly but the vigilant black sheep sensed the danger approaching, he turns around and spots the Edward Scissor-Horse with a huge pair of scissors in his bewilderment.

Jolly Ben is dumbfounded by what Edward is trying to do to him..

Thus, Edward Scissor-Horse explains his "Master Plan"

Jolly Ben: What logic is this?!! You dumb horse!!
Jolly Wolf: I don't mind a set of black sheep's clothing to change.
Hugo Wolf: There's already enough Hugo Wolf in the house

P.S.: No NICI plush were physically harmed during the production of this segment =)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

NICI Minily Horse Edward - The Master Plan

This is a story about NICI minily horse named - Edward ...

NICI minily horse Edward sneaks up to the computer. Gazing at a Jolly Mah wallpaper on the screen, what is he sneaking up to?

Edward ogled at a picture of Jonny Depp's famous movie Edward Scissorhands and suddenly..

an idea struck him!

NICI horse Edward's thoughts:

I think my owner keeps some scissors in this box here...

Edward climbs clumsily onto the box and tries to open it.

Edward's thoughts: hmm...I have to open it up and see

It's so messy inside...

Ah!! Scissors spotted! But..

it's too small....

Edward tries again..

Yes! Another pair of scissors spotted! But still.....

not big enough...

hmm...Let's see if there is another one!

Finally! Big scissors spotted!

Okay, this should be big enough! Hehe ^_^

What is Edward thinking of doing with the scissors? What did Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands inspire him to do? Let's find out soon in the next episode of The Master Plan