Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yomenya Goemon (Goemon Singapore)

Hugo Wolf visits Goemon Singapore to try the famed Japanese style pasta. Yomenya Goemon literally means "Japanese Spaghetti house". 

Shown in pic: "Hokkaido Cream Soup Spaghetti with cheese cream, scallop, corn & potato"

Yomenya Goemon has a wide variety of japanese spaghetti to choose from.

Little Hugo Wolf ordered the spaghetti set menu that comes with a drink and salad. As shown in the first picture, Hugo Wolf is having the Hokkaido Cream Soup pasta.


Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe) Shrimp & Japanese Herb Ao-Shiso

Cream Spaghetti - Smoked chicken

"Karasumi" Dried Mullet Roe,Crab ,Shrimp

Do note the serving at Yomenya Goemon is extra large! 2 person can share one set of the spaghetti.

Look who came by while we were eating halfway. The 'God of Fortune'! It was chinese new year week at the Yomenya Goemon Star Vista outlet.

 There are 5 Goemon outlets in Sinagapore as below:

Yomenya Goemon (Marina Bay Link Mall)
8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-03 Marina Bay Link Mall
Tel: 65094670

Yomenya Goemon (Citylink Mall)
1 Raffles Link
B1-63A Citylink Mall
Tel: 67355725

Yomenya Goemon (112 Katong)
112 East Coast Road
#02-12 112 Katong
Tel: 66363692

Yomenya Goemon (Changi City Point)
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#01-28 Changi City Point
Tel: 66364816

Yomenya Goemon (The Star Vista)
1 Vista Exchange Green
#02-04 The Star Vista
Tel: 66943570

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moonlight Cafe

Moonlight Cafe - Jolly Lucy

Moonlight Cafe - Lychee Mojito

Moonlight Cafe - Mocha


Which would Jolly Lucy choose?

 Wasn't that an obvious choice?

Lychee Mojito definitely suits Lucy's style.

How about some boutique bread to go along.

Moonlight Cafe - Jolly Lucy


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Images of Singapore

Mini Frederic Fox takes you to a walk on a Sunday evening to show you some images of Singapore.

This is the old supreme court building of Singapore, now on the way being refurbished into a cultural arts center.

Mini Frederic at the Padang with image of Swissôtel The Stamford behind.

Looks like a soccer match is on at the Padang (field).

There are so many open fields in Singapore but only this green patch is called the Padang.

Frederic is now at a war memorial cenotaph at Singapore's Esplanade park.

The cenotaph was built in memory of the soldiers who died in World War I

The cenotaph war memorial was later dedicated to the Singapore residents who perished in the World War II.

Frederic Fox is passing by the Esplanade park on the way to...

Singapore's Esplanade

Frederic Fox heard some music coming from the Esplanade outdoor stage ♪♫♪♫

Frederic grabs a seat and enjoys the performance. See you next time round on the Images of Singapore.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Swee Kee Chicken Rice

Today Jolly Lucy visits Swee Kee Chicken Rice at Johor Bahru (JB)

We are not sure whether this Swee Kee chicken rice has anything to do with the legendary Swee Kee chicken rice that ruled Malaysia, Singapore and was touted to be the best Hainanese chicken rice in the world.

A little history for Swee Kee chicken rice. It is a well-known Hainanese dish called Wenchang chicken (文昌雞). Kumpung chicken (kampung means "village" in Malay) is used for this Swee Kee chicken rice which is more tender and less fatty than normal chicken.

Swee Kee chicken rice is reasonably priced. 1 whole kumpung chicken for RM32, half kumpung chicken for RM18.

 We ordered one 'white chicken' which has a jelly-like skin texture and a roasted chicken, toppled with an extra plate of chicken 'stomach'.

Swee Kee chicken rice's kumpung chicken is tender, firm and springy.

Swee kee's chicken rice is flavorful, tasty and not oily.

The chicken 'stomach' (the proper name - Chicken Gizzard) at Swee Kee Chicken Rice is very well cooked to perfection. Not overcooked and not undercooked.

We ordered something out of the norm from a chicken rice stall. A plate of fried baby squids! Swee Kee Chicken Rice offers a few cooked restaurant dishes for you to choose from. This is just one of the many.

Swee Kee Chicken Rice is definitely a well worth visit and Jolly Lucy will definitely be back again!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jolly Logan Jolly Logan is here

Jolly Logan is here! Finally after many months of not buying any new NICI toys, Jolly Logan arrived along with his partner Jolly Katie

Jolly Logan is a sheep in wolf's clothing, as opposed to NICI's trademark Jolly Wolf (Wolf in Sheep's clothing). Jolly Logan has extremely soft and fluffy wolf's plush that resembles Milo Gorilla and Rob Raccoon.

After removing Jolly Logan's hood, his white sheepy true face reveals beneath. What a cheeky little sheep, Jolly Logan even has a zip to his hood.

In 2007 NICI Germany created the wolf in sheep's clothing. It became an icon for NICI and soon later in January 2013, Jolly Logan was created to extend that legacy.

Jolly Katie, Jolly Logan and Jolly Wolf (from left to right).

Jolly Katie came as part of Jolly Logan's inauguration to NICI world.

Jolly Katie spots a pink nose, pink ribbon and most significantly a pink pocket on both sides of her body strikes a imminent dejavu to the classic Jolly Rosa. We shall talk more about Jolly Katie in future posts for this is Jolly Logan's page today.

Naturally, Jolly Logan and Jolly Katie is a happily ever after love story,


Something amiss is lurking behind Logan and Katie

Wait! What's going on here? Another Jolly Logan that is more handsome, bigger, stronger and full of charisma?

TBig Jolly Logan asks for Katie's hand! What should we do now? two Jolly Logans but only one Jolly Katie!