Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NICI Penguin at office this Christmas

NICI-Mania did not have any big Christmas celebration this year but our new friend NICI Penguin is at office this Christmas and we gonna show you all the gifts we got!

A petite hand made paper flower with colorful candies.

A bottle of French Bordeaux wine!

NICI Penguin peeps inside one of these wrapped gifts..

A cute hand held vibrating massager

It's a box of Pocky inside from Watson.

And lastly a huge Christmas hamper!

NICI Penguin is thrilled by all the lovely gifts received in the office. Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas too! (^_^)

We gonna catch up on the Taiwan entries and New Year is coming this week!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

NICI in Taipei 2011 (Taiwan)

NICI wolf spotted at Changi T1! It's NICI-Mania's Hugo Wolf at Singapore Changi airport checking in for his flight to the beautiful Taipei city!

It's 5:30am in the morning, after checking in, our NICI wolf went to shop around and found a Harrods outlet! Look at the size of the Harrods Bear!

NICI plush vs Harrods Bear

 We haven't had our breakfast yet, so we stopped by Burger King and Hugo Wolf waited like a boss while his human queued for the food.

The Jetstar airplane that is gonna take NICI-Mania to Taipei

Getting ready for takeoff, Hugo Wolf, please fasten your seatbelt

Hugo Wolf looks outside the window..

and off we go! NICI-Mania is en-route to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan and one of the most wonderful city to visit in the world.

After a 4 hour flight, we arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan International airport. What a sunny afternoon!

Go to one of the counters to get a bus ticket that cost NT125, it will bring you to the center of Taipei city in 45 minutes time.

The airport shuttle bus stops us right in front of Taipei train station. 
Hugo Wolf: Hello Taiwan!!!!!!

Taipei train station building.

It's already approaching the end of Autumn here in Taiwan and we really wasn't expecting the weather to be so HOT! NICI-mania plushies almost fainted in the heat.

The first thing you'll notice about Taipei is, the whole street is flooded with 7-Eleven. You can even stand in a street and see two 7-Eleven right opposite one another.

Lots of food to eat in 7-Eleven!

Large sausages and herbal tea egg

 Look who's here at Taiwan! Little Rocker Wolf joins Hugo Wolf for this Taiwan trip. Let's grab a beer in this warm Autumn while we check in to our hotel near the Taipei main MRT station.

After dropping our bags, our hungry plushies went straight for food and right across the street from our hotel is this dumpling bun stall - 老蔡水煎包

There are lots of condiments from chilli sauce to dark soy sauce to vinegar for you to add to your dumpling bun.

There are 3 types of dumpling bun for you to choose from, the meat bun is the most tasty of them at 老蔡水煎包. Just look at the juice overflowing out from the bun!!

After finishing the lovely dumpling bun, NICI-Mania sets out to Tamsui district of Taipei. We will be taking the MRT from Taipei Main Station. This is just like the City Hall interchange of Singapore, right in the center of Taipei city where you can go to any direction.

Cute train souvenirs at Taipei Main Station.

Hugo Wolf passed by MacDonalds in Taipei! No time for that though, we need to rush to Tamsui.

But Hugo Wolf spotted a very cute panda in front of MacDonalds riding on a bicycle!

If you have an EasyCard, you can go anywhere in Taiwan, from MRT to buses to even trains. Hugo Wolf taps his EasyCard and off we go to Tamsui.

See you in the next entry for Tamsui, Taipei.

Yes we are going to visit the NICI shop in Taiwan, so stay tuned for the pictures!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Castello Blue Cheese

Today Jolly Sven & Svenja presents the Castello blue cheese. Most of our NICI plush toys dare not come out for this photo shoot as they are afraid of the pungent blue cheese smell!

Castello blue cheese is a Danish blue cheese. We love cheese, especially blue cheese! We know that blue cheese isn't the most popular kind of food around here because its smells like over-worn socks but we simply love it!

Stop Jolly Svenja! She's trying to cut through the Castello blue cheese without opening the packaging. Svenja's ear muff is too tight as usual, she couldn't really hear what Sven was saying. All she could utter was, "huh?"

Jolly Sven to Svenja: Be patient, let's get some bread to go with our Castello blue cheese. But Jolly Svenja wants the Danish blue cheese to go with red wine! Wow Svenja, aren't you a NICI sheep with good taste :-)

Jolly Sven & Svenja is now begging their human to open the Castello blue cheese for them as it is sealed. They could not touch it anyway, the strong smell of the blue cheese is already seeping out through the plastic!

Castello blue cheese is a semi soft, slightly creamy blue cheese. The taste is mild and it has an acute salty taste. There is another type available here which is the Danish blue extra creamy. The back of the packaging says that the Castello blue cheese is imported by New Zealand and Australia from Denmark.

Castello blue cheese is widely available in all the major supermarkets like Carrefour, Giant, Tesco, Jusco, etc..There isn't any other choices available here as blue cheese is not popular. We're now eagerly waiting to try the King Island cheese from Australia. Hope it'll be here soon! See ya next time, NICI winter love from Jolly Sven & Svenja.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

NICI-Mania Sushi Day

Today is NICI-Mania Sushi Day and Hugo Wolf brought home some delicious sushi from the supermarket eagerly waiting to share them with Jolly Rosa.

Hugo Wolf: Hey Rosa, it's Sushi Day~

Jolly Rosa grabs the sushi away from Hugo Wolf and exclaimed: "These are ALL MINE!"
Hugo Wolf: "What?!"
Jolly Rosa: "Just kidding, I will share with you"

"Wow~" Both Jolly Rosa and Hugo Wolf looks in excitement *yum yum*

There are idako sushi, chuka kurage sushi and tamago sushi. Jolly Rosa and Hugo Wolf can't wait to start but something is missing...

Jolly Rosa: "Hugo Wolf, go get some soy sauce and wasabi for our sushi..QUICK"
Hugo Wolf: "Okay okay!"

2 minutes later...

Hugo Wolf came back and all the sushi were gone!!
Jolly Rosa burps in satisfaction (^_^)


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NICI Winter Wallpaper

Its been a long time since we last updated our NICI wallpaper page. NICI-mania proudly presents NICI Winter wallpaper for the winter season that just came by for those up north. Although the weather is getting colder and colder, we wish to keep your heart warm with our cute NICI winter friends.

NICI Winter Wallpaper - resolution 1920x1200 | size: 941kb

NICI Winter Wallpaper preview on 1280x768 resolution desktop
Click here to download NICI Winter Wallpaper

Our cute NICI winter friends are all waiting eagerly for the arrival of the 'Ice Guys' Penguin from the latest NICI winter series. The penguins are so lovely, they will fit nicely in our flock. Any ideas or request for wallpapers will be entertained. Happy winter!

Upcoming NICI wallpapers: Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Sunday, December 4, 2011

NICI Pug AFA11 - Anime Festival Asia III

Let's joing NICI Pug to the final part of Anime Festival Asia - AFA11. We found a few kawaii cosplay girls.
 And more kawaii anime cosplay girls!

and erm...well the outfit is beautiful :)

Oh well, don't worry..there are cool guys here at the Anime Festival.

NICI Pug spotted hollow mask Ichigo from Bleach.

Shakugan no Shana is one of our favorite anime! And guess what..

we found a real life Shana at the Anime Festival!!! Shana seems to be in a bad mood, NICI Pug didn't dare to go near her  xD

WHAT in the world is that?!!!! Hahahaha

 NICI Pug with Cloud from Final Fantasy. Look at his huge sword!

NICI Pug with Jigoku Shojo (Hell Girl). She's cool isn't she

NICI Pug found Natsu from Fairy Tail!! We are so excited!!! As we mentioned before in part I, Fairy Tail is our favorite anime right now.

Look at the huge crowd at the Anime Festival

There seems to be lots of cosplayers below. NICI Pug will try squeezing through the crowd to meet more cosplayers.

4 of the Shichibukai from One Piece.

Alma Tandoji from Sacred Seven. One of the on-going Japanese anime on tv right now. We watched until episode 4 and got bored.

 We have no idea who he is. But he's definitely scary!

 That blue hair is so cool~ NICI Pug is looking at the cool looking girl behind

NICI Pug spotted another Ichigo from Bleach.

This Ichigo cosplayer is the latest Ichigo outfit fused with fullbring powers.

NICI Pug found a group of Naruto anime cosplayers.

Temari from the Naruto anime sand siblings with her giant folding fan.

NICI Pug approaches the end of the Anime Festival..

Finally NICI Pug saw someone from the K-On anime, and it's his favorite K-On character Mio Akiyama! What a pleasant way to end the Anime Festival Asia with Mio chan. AFA12 is waiting for us next year. Till then!