Saturday, February 19, 2011

NICI Minily Edward Found His Way Home

From this white paper bag, NICI Minily Edward is born! He is a cute horse with a humongous head befitted on a tiny body. We are extremely thankful to the owner of NICI-Wildfriends who flew him over 550 miles to meet his new loving owner =)

Edward pops out of the bag looking around pondering where is he now.

Alright Edward, let's bring you home shall we?

You can come out now, we are home!

Edward pops his huge bubbly head out of the bag and other NICI Wild Friends gather around with curious eyes to see the newest family member.

Edward, look who's there in front of you!

It's Minily Croco, the two buddies from NICI Minily series meet for the first time!

NICI Zebra :"Hi Edward, I'm your senior. I'm not exactly a horse but we're from the same Equidae family. Let me teach you how to be a cute horse in this family"

Minily Edward :"Thanks but I think I am already cuter than you"

NICI Zebra -_-"
What do you think?


  1. You r so cute with ur big head.
    I think he already found his happy home now.

  2. Edward says "Hi" too ^_^
    Thank you for praising him cute :D

  3. That face is adorable! I love it!! Edward is definitely much more beautiful than Zebra XD

    Kisses ^_^

  4. Hi Edward.. Hope you become a good friend with Croco there.. ;D

  5. @Bea: Haha our Zebra is heartbroken that you say Edward is more beautiful :D

    @NICI-Wildfriends: Hi! Please bring me back with you because you have more of my Minily buddies at home.
    Love, Edward

  6. haha, fret not Nici Zebra, you have my support. Muackss!

  7. @Brigette
    Zebra finally got one vote of support! ♥♥♥

  8. OMG Edward is soooo cute. I want to have one =) Do they have a larger version of it?

  9. This is a cute story for a cute horse :)
    I love Minily series, they are like babies :)

  10. Anonymous
    OMG Edward is soooo cute. I want to have one =) Do they have a larger version of it?

    Hugo: It is only available in this size :-)

  11. i am getting an Edward Minily! CNS PS brought them in

  12. @Minghui: YES go get it! The one Brian brought in is pretty cute :-)