Saturday, April 16, 2011

Empire State Burger - Empire State Restaurant

NICI-Mania presents Gustav having Empire State Burger at Empire State Restaurant for dinner tonight. Gustav the newest plush that just joined our family gets a food outing at Empire State restaurant on his very first day, what a lucky sheep.

Empire State restaurant is in Illuma Singapore, not the real Empire State in New York but we did wish we were in USA. Jolly Gustav eagerly wanting to order the Empire State burger but please let us take a few pictures with you first, nici fans wanna see more of you!

Empire State burger is a giant 8 inch burger. As you can see from the menu, the Empire State burger is humongous! A group of 4 at another table is having one Empire State burger, yes 4 person sharing this humongous burger is probably the right proportion.

There are only 2 of us so Gustav looks at the normal sized burger from Empire State restaurant, i.e. the Empire State house burger which is a normal sized beef burger with cheese. It is yummy too!

Gustav wondering what drink to order at to go with his burger. You can see the monkey *ahem* gorilla mascot all over Empire State restaurant. It really looks like a monkey but its supposed to be gorilla if according to the movie king kong.

We have ordered our food and burger and while waiting, we took a few more pictures of Gustav in Empire State restaurant.

This is our second time here having burger at Empire State restaurant, the first for Gustav. We are still in our honeymoon period with Jolly Gustav who is uniquely different from all the other nici sheep.

Our Empire State burger (house burger) is here. The restaurant served up our food pretty fast today.

The house burger at Empire State restaurant is a typical american style cheeseburger. What we love about the burger at Empire State restaurant is how beefy the beef taste, thats why we brought Gustav here to have it.

If we have to be picky, Empire state restaurant's burger should 1. have more fats added to the minced beef as it is too dry and 2. Empire State should be more generous with the pickles. Such a big restaurant and only one piece of pickle in the burger. Empire State restaurant really neglect how important pickle is to cheeseburger.

We decided to try a new dish at Empire State restaurant that is the Empire State BBQ ribs.

Empire state restaurant says that their bbq ribs are slow-cooked till the meat falls off the bone. But apparently the chefs are slacking in some ways. The meat is quite hard and the bbq sauce did not have that slight burnt taste, eating this reminded us how delicious the ribs TGI Fridays was. We promise to bring our nici plüsch there for pictures next time.

If you come to Empire state restaurant, be sure to go straight for their burger. If there are 3 to 4 of you, then don't be afraid to try the signature Empire State burger. It looked really fun on the other table where the 4 of them took lots of pictures with the huge burger.

Gustav had a very filling night at Empire State restaurant. Burger plus bbq ribs in his stomach *burps* Its time to bring Gustav home to meet Elsa, shall we?

Empire State Burger (Empire State Restaurant website)
Address: 201 Victoria Street #04-03 Iluma at Bugis Singapore
Telephone: +65 6238 7076
Opens everyday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm

p.s. where are the Empire state mini burgers?


  1. Those burgers look giant! Do they have fish burgers too?

  2. @Hammie Hamster
    I recall there isn't any fish burger, it seems like all beef. That Empire State burger looks kinda bigger in real, next time if we get more friends to join us, we'll order it and try!

  3. How funny Gustav hamburger. I am a bit odd for burgers, I just like normal cheese haha.

  4. @Bea
    We like cheese too! We are huge cheese lovers :-D

  5. I don't know if the burger is nice there. Last time we went to Iluma, we decided to go back to Bugis Junction because we didn't find anything good to eat. :D

    Thanks to your info, we'll try the burger next time. :D

  6. Wow, those burgers are huge! We like the French fries, yummy!

  7. Hmmmmm, yummy, delicious and hypercaloric, we like it!
    I think that Tony Roma's has another Empire State Burger, they say that it's the tallest burger in the world :)))

  8. @NICI-WildfriendsThere wasn't really any shop that we felt like eating there, thus we end up going to empire state restaurant previously. Sorta missed the burger, so we went again :D

    @Jerry and BenWe love french fries too! But the fries at this Empire state restaurant wasn't really good.

    @RaquelIs there such a burger from Tony Romas? Imagine it would look awesome. We too love yummy, hyper caloric food ^_^

  9. hahaha~!me also ate this before~
    by:X sugizo

  10. 下次我们去吃那个巨无霸汉堡!Empire state restaurant is waiting for you ^_^

  11. @Hugo Wolf
    wahahaha!ok~no problem!
    Toshi will sign u a X for waiting tat day! wahaha
    By: X sugizo

  12. Oh Gustav! You're a meat eater? I thought you should be eating the salad beside the ribs?

    Gustav does look cuter when he taking photos with food. Haha!

  13. Hi Gustav, you are really a lucky sheep. First day with your new owner and already at Empire State. We love the beautiful photos, you are soo cute! Would be a great event if we all could meet with our plush for this XXXXL burger! And Ute would love to order an Ice Toffee Latte!! Kisses from Germany

  14. Hello Ute, you have great eyesight! You spot the Ice Toffee latte in the menu :-D

  15. Bro do bring me to empire state restaurant if you have the chance =P it looks pretty good!

  16. Sure! But please bring me to the real Empire State when I go visit you :D