Thursday, April 28, 2011

NICI Lion Wallpaper - Classic NICI Lion

Welcome to the third rendition of nici wallpaper! This time its nici lion from the classic nici wild friends series. This nici lion is a mobile phone hanger, he's incredibly tiny like 8cm. His face is very adorable and has a hairstyle more like Simon Cowell than Jolly Ben (the Simon Cowell reference here). This classic nici lion picture was originally posted in facebook, the background is actually a cupboard and a curtain.

NICI Lion (classic NICI Lion) Wallpaper - resolution 1920x1200 | size: 1022k

NICI Lion (Classic NICI Lion) Wallpaper preview on 1280x768 widescreen LCD monitor

There are future plans to make another nici lion wallpaper from the newer nici wild friends series. Feel free to give any comments or suggestions for us to improve our nici wallpapers. We would be glad to receive any comments, criticisms or new ideas.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Straits Quay Penang (Straits Quay)

Hugo Wolf made a visit to Straits Quay Penang early 2011. Straits Quay is Penang island's latest happening area since it opened in 2010 November. We felt a slight déjà vu with the name Straits Quay to Singapore's Clarke Quay which is also a tourist attraction place, but the similarities don't just end there.

Straits Quay located at Seri Tanjung Pinang is a brand new waterfront hub in Penang consisting retail shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants. Although there are still lots of shops in Straits Quay Penang that are not opened yet, many visitors are already flocking here to have a look.

Straits Quay Penang is owned by the illustrious E&O Group who owns the historical 150 year old Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang, most famous for its colonial style building designs and the rich heritage that it brings. E&O hotel is the best hotel in Penang if you ask us and that quality comes with a hefty price.

You see a lot of red a yellow decorations in Straits Quay due to the Chinese New Year in Penang. Chinese New Year is the biggest event in Penang due to the majority population of Chinese living here. Straits Quay never forgets to bring out the festive mood in Penang.

Straits Quay Penang is also a place enclosing million dollar houses and condominiums by the sea which are almost sold out. Imagine the number of rich people in the world! This is a picture of a signboard across the road from Straits Quay's carpark.

Hugo Wolf with the lighthouse at Straits Quay Penang. This lighthouse strategically located at the northern coast of Penang faces the expanse of the Indian Ocean. It will definitely be the landmark at Straits Quay for the ships sailing by.

There are a row of shops, mainly restaurants and bars facing the sea view of Straits Quay Penang. A great place to chill out at night but definitely not daytime unless you wanna get roasted. Penang island is the hottest place in Malaysia, no contest!

Straits Quay also host many major celebrations in Penang from Christmas 2010 to Chinese New Year 2011. Straits Quay is bound to continue hosting these events as part of the tourist attraction scheme.

Hugo Wolf kissing the fish at Blue Reef Fish & Chips. Many shops in Straits Quay are not opened for business yet, some others are just preparing.

Starbucks, arguably the most popular shop in Straits Quay Penang is open as most of the shops are empty in the warm afternoon but only Starbucks has business. It is understandable that in this hot and humid weather in Penang, most people rather stay at home than to come to Straits Quay.

This gorgeous signboard at Straits Quay is simply elegant. Look at the beautiful blue sky, there are barely any clouds hovering the skies of Penang but Hugo Wolf will continue to show you more pictures in part two of Straits Quay Penang, see ya next time!

Straits Quay Penang
Straits Quay website:
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
Tanjung Tokong
10470 Penang, Malaysia
Tel : (+6) 04-891 8000
Fax: (+6) 04-891 2525
Email :
Information Counter: (+6) 04-890 7726

Saturday, April 23, 2011

NICI Horse Club (horse plush)

Welcome to NICI Horse Club the most exquisite horse plush club in NICI-Mania and probably the rest of the nici world. Edward and Edward horse plush are both the co-founders of NICI Horse Club.



I thought NICI Horse Club is supposed to be like this



and this? What are you two minily nici horse plush doing here trying to impersonate the real NICI Horse Club horses?

These two ignorant nici horse plush blatantly disregarded our questions and continued their NICI Horse Club sophomoric act.

NICI Horse Club criteria 1: You must be a a cute horse plush
Are you discriminating other horse plush?

NICI Horse Club criteria 2: You must have beautiful blonde hair
Thats certainly horse plush discrimination!

NICI Horse Club criteria 3: You must love eating carrots!
When did nici horse plush eat carrots? Besides..that's a REAL carrot!

NICI Zebra: I am a cute nici horse plush, can I join the NICI Horse Club? With my flair and charisma, I would definitely make an elite NICI Horse Club member!

You are not a nici horse plush. NICI Horse club only accepts 100% true horse plush! NICI Zebra: What?!.....

NICI Crocodile plush came along to confront the fake NICI Horse Club. Hey Edward horses, you two are supposed to be NICI minily club..

See, we all have the same love shape nici tag and your big head is an unmistakable evidence that you belong to NICI minily club, not NICI Horse Club. Snap out of it!

The two nici horse plush were thrown into confusion after hearing minily croco's words who saved the day. Sorry for those who came looking for the real NICI Horse Club! ^_^

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NICI School Accessories (NICI Schulaccessoires) came out with NICI School Accessories recently! What piqued our interest for these nici school accessories is that we found new Jolly Rosa and Hugo Wolf merchandise! Was quite surprised that nici designed these 2011 new nici school accessories with them. Looks like its time to go back to school!
Spot our favorite Jolly Rosa Hugo Wolf and also the newest Gustav & Elsa. I think we saw Sheebo on the side of the nici school bag too.
The pencil case design is cute, Rosa & Hugo + Elsa & Gustav goes on a double date! And it looks seemingly like a Jolly Rosa paper clip on the top right.
with Jolly Elsa baking a cake for Gustav. I would bring this nici snack box to school!
Pencil + ruler + eraser right? That's Jolly Rosa's flower for the eraser.
Hugo & Rosa on the diary cover. This nici school diary would make a beautiful gift umm..for ourselves!
Jolly Rosa catching butterflies? Shouldn't Elsa be the one doing that? Not sure why are they calling it NICI Friends A5.
A pink Jolly Rosa purse!
with Elsa & Gustav.
with Hugo & Rosa
We have a grey hardcover nici notebook with Hugo wolf and other Jolly Mah sheep which is very nice!
Hugo and Rosa looking extremely cute in this drawing. Different from the rest we saw above.
Same cover design as the nici spiral notebook. came out with so many Hugo & Rosa nici school products tempting us want to go back to school!
The cutest of all! Jolly Rosa + Hugo Wolf and we spot Jolly Liselle too, so one other nici character must be behind. We would so wanna bring this nici sports bottle to school.
with Elsa and Gustav. Does it look sporty enough to you?
If we were still a young school girl nici lover, we would be so crazy about these new nici school accessories. Especially a nici school bag, bringing one to school would be so awesome. All the nici school accessories are generally not too expensive so, they look like great gifts for younger girls in our family.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Empire State Burger - Empire State Restaurant

NICI-Mania presents Gustav having Empire State Burger at Empire State Restaurant for dinner tonight. Gustav the newest plush that just joined our family gets a food outing at Empire State restaurant on his very first day, what a lucky sheep.

Empire State restaurant is in Illuma Singapore, not the real Empire State in New York but we did wish we were in USA. Jolly Gustav eagerly wanting to order the Empire State burger but please let us take a few pictures with you first, nici fans wanna see more of you!

Empire State burger is a giant 8 inch burger. As you can see from the menu, the Empire State burger is humongous! A group of 4 at another table is having one Empire State burger, yes 4 person sharing this humongous burger is probably the right proportion.

There are only 2 of us so Gustav looks at the normal sized burger from Empire State restaurant, i.e. the Empire State house burger which is a normal sized beef burger with cheese. It is yummy too!

Gustav wondering what drink to order at to go with his burger. You can see the monkey *ahem* gorilla mascot all over Empire State restaurant. It really looks like a monkey but its supposed to be gorilla if according to the movie king kong.

We have ordered our food and burger and while waiting, we took a few more pictures of Gustav in Empire State restaurant.

This is our second time here having burger at Empire State restaurant, the first for Gustav. We are still in our honeymoon period with Jolly Gustav who is uniquely different from all the other nici sheep.

Our Empire State burger (house burger) is here. The restaurant served up our food pretty fast today.

The house burger at Empire State restaurant is a typical american style cheeseburger. What we love about the burger at Empire State restaurant is how beefy the beef taste, thats why we brought Gustav here to have it.

If we have to be picky, Empire state restaurant's burger should 1. have more fats added to the minced beef as it is too dry and 2. Empire State should be more generous with the pickles. Such a big restaurant and only one piece of pickle in the burger. Empire State restaurant really neglect how important pickle is to cheeseburger.

We decided to try a new dish at Empire State restaurant that is the Empire State BBQ ribs.

Empire state restaurant says that their bbq ribs are slow-cooked till the meat falls off the bone. But apparently the chefs are slacking in some ways. The meat is quite hard and the bbq sauce did not have that slight burnt taste, eating this reminded us how delicious the ribs TGI Fridays was. We promise to bring our nici plüsch there for pictures next time.

If you come to Empire state restaurant, be sure to go straight for their burger. If there are 3 to 4 of you, then don't be afraid to try the signature Empire State burger. It looked really fun on the other table where the 4 of them took lots of pictures with the huge burger.

Gustav had a very filling night at Empire State restaurant. Burger plus bbq ribs in his stomach *burps* Its time to bring Gustav home to meet Elsa, shall we?

Empire State Burger (Empire State Restaurant website)
Address: 201 Victoria Street #04-03 Iluma at Bugis Singapore
Telephone: +65 6238 7076
Opens everyday: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm

p.s. where are the Empire state mini burgers?