Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival 2012 (Mooncake edition)

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival 2012! Also called the Mooncake Festival, this year we are filled with mooncakes and Jolly Rosa is very excited to check out what we have!

Mooncakes always come in uniquely designed boxes, each with their own special design to stand out from the crowd. This is a double storey mooncake box from Ritz Carlton.

Next, Jolly Rosa checks out a long mooncake box, something different from the usual square box.

The box opens at both sides and on top. These mooncakes are from Continental Catering.

White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks mooncakes from Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant (of Sheraton Towers)

Double Yolk mooncakes from Tien Court.

Jolly Rosa spots something slight different, from Teochew City Seafood Restaurant..

 Its Teochew yam paste mooncakes with single egg yolk.

 Jolly Rosa! How can you finish all 5 boxes of mooncakes? Let's cut the mooncakes into small pieces and share with everyone!

Jolly Rosa wishing everyone Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2012! Enjoy your mooncakes!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mayim Chinese Restaurant

NICI-Mania flock is at Mayim Chinese Restaurant at Bukit Batok West Mall today. Look who's shoes are those!

It's Jolly Sleepy! Hello sleepy, you're finally awake! Mayim Chinese Restaurant is always a long queue before you can get in.

While waiting for the queue at Mayim, we looked through the menu to decide what to eat first.

Finally, we were awarded our seats in the restaurant. Jolly sleepy picks a nice spot on the table. You have to write down on a piece of paper your orders at Mayim.

At Mayim, the waiting time is not very long. Food is served swiftly. While waiting for our food, we notice some interesting looking mini container/jars on the table.

Upon closer inspection, the 4 jars contains: spicy bean paste, fried garlic, green chilli pickles and garlic red chilli.. Fried garlic is our favorite at Mayim if we have to pick one.

After 5 minutes, our dishes came.. Jolly Sleepy awakes again! This is one of our favorite food at Mayim Chinese Restaurant. The roast pork noodles! Notice the generous serving of roast pork!

The roast pork at Mayim is soft and tender..the roast pork skin is very crispy *yums*

Yang Zhou fried rice came next.

The last dish is "Salted Fish Tofu Chicken Claypot". Jolly Sleepy gaze in hunger! Let's tuck in!

If you don't mind the long queue at Mayim Chinese Restaurant, it is well worth the wait, most of the dishes we have tried is nice. More to come when we visit it again!

And see ya next time Jolly Sleepy! We will properly introduce you :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Penang Prawn Mee Shop (虾面之家)

Penang Prawn Mee Shop (虾面之家) is a prawn noodles shop at Lorong Selamat. There are literally tons of prawn mee shop at Penang

 Unlike other hawkers in Penang that has a variety of local delicacies, this Prawn Mee Shop owns the whole coffeeshop and sells only Prawn noodles.

This Penang Prawn Mee Shop also sells "lor mee"

Hence we ordered both the signature Prawn noodles and the "lor mee"

"lor mee" is braised noodles with thick starchy broth cooked by prawn shells + 5 spice powder and other spices. The reason why prawn noodle shops sell lor mee is because they share the same prawn broth.

The Penang Prawn Mee Shop's prawn noodles has thick red prawn broth, slightly different from the rest of the prawn noodles in Penang.

The prawn broth has a very strong prawn taste but it has some powderish texture within. The prawn broth is quite overwhelming, not the refreshing type where you can eat bowl after bowl.

Penang Prawn Mee Shop is not exactly the 5 star prawn noodles, there are other tasty prawn noodles shop here in Penang. It is worth a try if you come by Lorong Selamat. The entire street has lots of other Penang local delicacies to offer.

Penang Prawn Mee Shop

Address: 127, Lorong Selamat, 10400, Penang.
Business Hour: Monday to Saturday, 8am to 10pm; Sunday, 7:30am to 6pm. Closed on every Wednesday.
Contact Number: 604- 226 3407

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fuji X100 Free Gifts - Fujifilm Promo

The Fuji X100 came with 2 additional free gifts under the ongoing Fujifilm promotion. You will be getting an additional Fuji X100 original battery and an additional 16Gb SD card.

NICI-Mania team sets off to Fujifilm tower to claim our additional free gifts. Wednesday is the only day Fujifilm office opens till 8pm. Rushed there after work and its about 7pm already.

After getting our queue number, Nici Beaver grabs a seat at the checkered sofa.

Take a look at some Fujifilm camera brochures..

Nici Beaver tries out at some Fujifilm cameras on display.

Spotted. A Fujifilm HS20 EXR camera. 30x optical zoom! That's all on the fijifilm camera display table, a pathetic 4 cameras.

At the counter, we reclaimed our prize. An original NP-95 Fuji X100 battery and another 16Gb sd card.

We stopped by Arnold's Fried Chicken with bandung for dinner since the Fujifilm is not too far away from City Plaza.

Fujifilm Singapore Pte Ltd
Address: 10 New Industrial Road, Fujifilm Building Singapore 536201
Opening hours: 9am to 7pm (Monday to Fridays, Wednesday till 8pm)
Tel: 6380 5540
Nearest MRT: Bartley / Tai Seng MRT Station

The price of the Fuji X100 has dropped significantly in view the rumored new Fujifilm X200 will be coming. So now is the best time to buy the Fuji X100.