Friday, February 11, 2011

Condition of Monkey's hand

In response to our family and NICI lover friends wanting to know the aftermath of our monkey's hand getting burnt from playing with fireworks.. We took a close up picture to show you his current condition..

We have scrapped off and wiped with a wet tissue immediately after his hand got burnt. It is much better than how it was but some parts got burnt pretty bad as you can see. Poor monkey..but he is still a joyous flamboyant little kid jumping around ^_^


  1. Poor thing, but apparently not much was burned. I will die if it happens to one of mine.

  2. Awwww, try to wash it with soap for delicate clothes...
    Kisses for you and for your poor monkey

  3. Thanks Bea, we are also glad that it wasn't as bad as it first looked :)

    Gracias Raquel for your kisses, Monkey is very happy now :D we have the soap for delicate clothes, will try that on him.

  4. Poor monkey. LOL Children do not play with fire! If not you will regret if accidents happen!