Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NICI Woody Wolf

Hello dear friends! Here is NICI Woody Wolf (original spelling - Woody Wulf). First of all, sorry for the long hiatsu. NICI Mania team was out for 4 months but we are back! Lots of backlog to clear!

 NICI Woody Wolf have been waiting for months for his appearance!

Let us rewind about 4 months back


 Here's Woody Wolf sitting at the display cupboard of the NICI Malaysia shop. The problem was, Singapore did not bring in Woody Wolf, hence we sneaked to Malaysia to bring him back!

Woody Wolf has since joined our NICI Mania family for 4 months and all he can say "Home Sweet Home!"

Except . . .

Well, sometimes getting bullied by Jolly Rosa (^_^)

NICI Woody Wolf in under forest friends series. he has a friend, as shown standing on his hand.

and all the other NICI Woody Wolf merchandise.

Hi Woody Wolf! Show us some of your unique features.

Woody Wolf's tail is almost like Hugo Wolf's

NICI Woody Wolf's paw has 3 fingernails, similar to Hugo Wolf also

Woody Wolf has sharp pointy ears which makes him look smarter than the dumb looking Hugo Wolf

NICI Germany's quality has been dropping from bad to worse recently, and the price hike is not helping. This was the best looking Woody Wolf we could find.

Hope that Woody Wolf enjoys his stay around our crazy flock of wolves and sheep plus many other animals. See ya next time again!