Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fuji X100 Accessories

  There are a few must have accessories for your Fuji X100 camera.

 First of all, a soft release button for your Fuji X100. It is screwed onto the shutter release button of the Fuji X100. With this on, pressing the shutter feels much better.

The Fuji X100 23mm Fujinon lens is fixed on the camera, you cannot change the lens. Henceforth you would definitely want to protect the lens from any scratches. The best thing to do is to buy a filter.

The Fuji X100 uses a 49mm size filter, but you cannot just mount the filter on the X100 lens like your normal DSLR lens. A special filter adapter is required to put on the lens first, then you can screw the filter on.

Here is a third party lens hood and filter adapter set by JJC. Cost only S$33, the original Fujifilm lens hood+filter adapter set would set you back at S$110.

Here is the Hoya filter fixed onto the Fuji X100 via the JJC filter adapter.

And lastly, the JJC lens hood makes your Fuji X100 setup complete!

Passed by St Andrew's Cathedral after buying the JJC lens hood and filter adapter from SLR Revolution at Funan IT Mall. The cheap Hoya filter works perfectly without degrading the image quality

Next up: Fuji X100 free gifts promotion

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fuji X100

A new camera arrived at NICI-Mania. The Fuji X100 mirrorless camera with an APS-C size sensor and a classy vintage vibe! Who's that cute doggy behind?

Not gonna go too technical over the Fuji X100 camera, you can read it up on many other web sites. So here is our newly joined NICI German Shepherd unboxing the Fuji X100.

The Fuji X100 is made in Japan and comes in a sleek black box.

Curious Jolly Lenny and Nici Crocodile joins in as the camera unveils. There is two separate box inside, one is the camera and the other is the bundle that comes with the Fuji X100.

The camera box opens up like a jewellery box revealing the classic beauty of the Fuji X100 inside.

The Fuji X100 bundle box includes the instruction manual, battery charger, Fujifilm strap. The camera comes with additional 16Gb SD card and screen protector.

 The Fuji X100 also comes with a sleek black leather case and strap.

Jolly Lenny having some fun

On top of the Fuji X100 spots a shutter speed dial, exposure compensation dial, and also the aperture ring (pictured below) just like your dad's old film camera. There's a small Fn button which you can assign almost any function to it by holding it down.

Although the Fuji X100 has been released for more than a year, there are still many people coming up to us asking: "your camera looks very old, is it a vintage film camera?"

The highlight of the Fuji X100 is the fixed Fujinon 23mm with 9 blade aperture diaphragm. Yes, no zoom. The aperture goes from f2 to f16.

Another special feature of the Fuji X100 is the hybrid viewfinder and electronic viewfinder which can be changed using the flip switch in front.

 The Fuji X100 optical viewfinder is amazing to shoot with and it is a god-send when shooting in bright sunlight. The electronic viewfinder on the other hand is the visual representation of the lcd screen.

You can switch between manual focus, auto focus or continuous auto focus on the side of the Fuji X100

The Fuji X100 menu can be scrolled through using the rotating dial. The RAW button can be assigned to almost any function you want just like the Fn button. So you can enjoy the ease of your 2 most used functions to be set right at your fingertips.

Still have our Nikon DSLR around, for the moment. But the Fuji X100 is half the weight, half the size and better images.

Some sample pictures of the Fuji X100 (ND Filter turned on to shoot f2 in bright daylight). The background blur is smooth and buttery.

 Flower of our basil plant.

The Fuji colors are amazing. All pictures straight from camera jpeg. Zilch photoshop.

We absolutely love the colors coming out from the Fuji X100 EXR processor.

Fuji X100 at iso-6400 indoors, barely any noise in the picture. The high ISO capabilities outperforms a cropped sensor DSLR in spades.

More pictures to come but first, in our next entry: Fuji X100 accessories

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday at Gallery Hotel and Party World KTV

Last year, we celebrated Hugo Wolf's birthday with Jolly Rosa making a birthday cake from Icing Room and throwing a birthday party with our flock at home. This year we went out to celebrate

NICI-Mania celebrated Hugo Wolf's 2nd birthday in June this year in a very nice hotel stay at Gallery Hotel (which will be featured in future entries)

Our black forest birthday cake is from from TCC.


 Its 6 bottles of 1664 Kronenbourg Blanc. Yummy!

After the beer and birthday cake, we head out to Party World for some Karaoke!

Hugo Wolf and Jolly Rosa getting ready to sing

What songs should we choose...

Hugo Wolf went for Incubus's Drive *vroom vroom*

At Party World KTV, when you're tired you can have a foot massage!

Let's continue to sing. Cya in next year's birthday!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bunga Raya - National Flower of Malaysia

Bright red flower spotted!! NICI Monkey is intrigued by the vivid color of this flower and went in closer to have a look..

Upon closer inspection, NICI Monkey realized that this bright red flower is Bunga Raya or in English called Hibiscus. Bunga Raya is the national flower of Malaysia.

Declared by the government of Malaysia to be the national flower in the 60s, Bunga Raya is the official Malay name for it. The Chinese people here called it the Big Red Flower due to the direct translation from the word Bunga Raya. Bunga means flower and Raya means big or grand. The red of the petals symbolizes the courage, life, and rapid growth of the Malaysian, and the five petals represent the five national principles of Malaysia. The flower can be found imprinted on the notes and coins of the Malaysian ringgit.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or Chinese Hibiscus is the exact description of this flower. Coincidentally, hibiscus is also the state flower of Hawaii. How nice. Gotta go now, NICI monkey was just passing by someone else's house.