Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NICI Panda Soft Toy

NICI Panda soft toy finally arrived at NICI-Mania! NICI calls this Panda Fu Bao, a Chinese name. We're guessing Panda Fu Bao is 福宝熊猫 in Chinese. 福 means fortune and 宝 means treasure.

Our NICI Panda is 25cm + 8cm, a panda mummy carrying a baby panda. Fu Bao loves eating bamboo shoots but too bad we don't have any to offer at home. NICI Panda isn't available in Singapore or Malaysia yet but thanks to our friend NICI Wildfriends, Fu Bao gets an early ticket here ^_^

Fu Bao: Don't touch my baby panda! Okay, let you see for a while but handle with care!

As you can see, the smaller 8cm baby panda Fu Bao is not made with good QC but if you're a NICI collector you'll know that this is normal. Smaller soft toys are harder to sew nicely, as what all the people from NICI retailer shop would say.

8cm baby Panda Fu Bao has it's whole back sewed tightly with 25cm mummy Panda. We think its practically impossible to cut them loose without spoiling their plush. A suggestion for NICI Germany.. it would be really great to play if the baby panda is connected to the bigger panda by velcro so that we can take the baby panda off to play!

Velcro! This is what mummy NICI Panda uses to hug baby panda. Velcro usually has a rough side and a soft side but NICI uses a very smooth type of velcro so that it won't prick your hands..

and it also doesn't stick to any plush on the panda except for this other side of the velcro. It is the same type of velcro used on Jolly Sven's Russian ear flaps.

*Updated: The velcro actually sticks tightly with baby Panda's black eye patch and the Panda's nails!! Be careful when playing with the hands..

Interestingly, we like NICI Panda Fu Bao's three fingernails, just like the ones on Jolly Wolf, Hugo Wolf, NICI Lion.

NICI Panda's tail looks very much like Jolly Mah's short 'bunny' tail. One thing nice about Fu Bao is his fat bottom, a 50cm one would be very nice to hug!

NICI Panda is a new addition to NICI Wild Friends group joining NICI Gorilla, NICI Zebra, NICI Lion and many more..We miss the old card where they put a group photo of all the NICI Wild Friends, we love to see that one instead of all the other merchandise of the same soft toy.

The lying 30cm or 50cm NICI Panda looks really cute too! We'd imagine it would be very fat and comfortable to sleep on.

We found it intriguing that NICI decided to put Chinese characters for NICI Panda 熊猫, is it because they are mainly targeting China market?

NICI Raccoon to Fu Bao: Hey Panda, you have some serious black eyes! n_n
Fu Bao callously replies: hey pot..
Rob Raccoon: T.T
Frederic Fox: Those 3 black eyed NICI toys really need some sleep..

More of NICI Panda Fu Bao from our NICI friends:
NICI Panda Fu Bao 50cm from All About NICI
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  1. Bears, of all kinds, sure are cute, aren't they, hehe...

  2. Thanks for linking my blog :))
    We have ready another post with Fu Bao in a weekend excursion ;-)

  3. How nice!!! ^^ I'm hoping to arrive to the store in my neighborhood.

  4. @Raquel
    One of our friend wanted to see different types of NICI Panda but we only have the 25cm, so we link your blog to show more. Good thing all of us bought different panda sizes :D

  5. @Bea
    Bea, are you planning to buy 35cm or 50cm Panda? After you buy it, please take lots of pictures to show us :D

  6. Wow.. Thanks for linking my blog too.. :D
    I have the 15cm and the panda pair too, but I definitely love the 50cm. ;p

    My baby panda is also not very symmetric. but it looks somewhat cute though. :D

  7. @NICI-Wildfriends
    Yes you're right! I also somewhat find the baby panda very cute. He has this grumpy look while contrasting the panda mummy's happy look

  8. It`s really frequent that smaller NICIS are not sewn fondly enough and that`s a pity! And it would be very nice to have mother and child panda as two bears to play with, because they are so cute :-)We like all the photos, especially the common one with Frederic and Rob!

  9. Finally you have the panda too. I bought the same type of panda & 30 cm lying panda.

    Yes, I think better the baby panda connected by string or ribbon like NICI pug's bone :)

  10. @Leona Löwenherz
    Hi Leona, would you be getting a NICI Panda to join your flock? :D

    Is the 30cm lying Panda cute? :p We probably won't get to see the panda toys here so soon, or they might not come at all..

  11. Hugo, depends on which one I like more, but do not worry, when I buy it'll take lots of pictures ^_^

    I also want to buy the bear pirate of the collection NICI Pirates. If I can not getting into the store where I usually buy, I buy it online.

  12. yes, he is cute...I 'll send you the pictures.

  13. @Bea
    We'll be eagerly waiting for your lovely pictures on your blog ^_^

    Thanks for the cute pictures of your 30cm lying Panda! :D

  14. i love "the kettle and the pot" joke!!
    What a great comeback by Fu Bao! :)))

  15. @Minghui: Thanks! Not many people would've caught that joke :-P

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