Saturday, January 8, 2011

Malaysia NICI Shop Part 1

Snow Reindeer is going on a cute plushy adventure to Kuala Lumpur to visit the one and only NICI outlet in Malaysia! Let's fuel up the tank and get going.

Almost there and
Snow Reindeer:"I wanna eat MacDonalds!"

NICI shop spotted!!
Can't hide the excitement of walking into a shop full of cute NICI plush!

One Utama is a huge shopping center. Parked our car at the new wing, but the NICI shop is at the old wing, hence we took a long 10min walk to reach there.

We can see Pug & Mutt doggies, Jolly Bob, Jolly Lovely and some huge plushies from the outside.

Snow Reindeer found his long lost partner, Snow Bunny!

Looks like 80cm Jolly Lovely, Sheebo the Orange Sheep and Jolly Bob wrapped in plastic.

The 80cm Mutt looks really adorable! So is Jolly Liselle and Hamster.

NICI Wild friends corner.

And a shelf just for NICI Zebra.

Spotted a cute NICI Minily crocodile. Humongous head, tiny body.

Minily crocodile with NICI Monkey and wild friends~

Minily Crocodile owner's hand~
He is soooooo adorable right? Okay, stay with us for more in Part 2! ^_^

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  1. Wow, I would be happy to live in Nici shop forever ;)))
    It is sad that in Spain there are not Nici shops yet, sob-sob****

  2. It would be very happy if Spain had one store NICI, but no T_T

    Minily Crocodile is beatiful!!! ^^

  3. Wow.. I always want to visit the NICI shop in KL.. :D so nice you can drive there.. :) enjoy your stay.. waiting for your next post

  4. @Raquel: Perhaps you can consider opening your own NICI shop in Spain? It's our dream to open our own NICI shop one day!! ^_^

    @Bea: Yes, the Minily crocodile is beautiful. Perhaps we will bring him home on our next trip! :)

    @Stephanie: Driving is more convenient to go around in KL but we had to deal with all the traffic jams and tolls. This trip was a few months ago, we will be going again in a few weeks time (hopefully!). Cheers :D

  5. I would like to, but at the moment it is impossible :((
    Maybe some year.....

  6. I see you also enjoyed Nici shop are amazing!

  7. There is a great NICI shoppe in Cadiz, check it out, they are excellent!

  8. For you in Spain, try the NICI store in Cadiz, some of the nicest people there and great NICI's.