Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ramen Champion at Iluma

NICI Beaver is at Ramen Champion at Iluma today.

Ramen Champion consolidates 6 popular ramen stalls from Japan.

Once you step in Ramen Champion at Iluma, you can see all 6 ramen stalls.

Ramen Champion is like a food court of ramen.

All you have to do is to queue at your chosen ramen stall at Ramen Champion.

Once you order your ramen, you will get a UFO looking device and a payment card and you can proceed to go back to your seats.

The device will ring when your ramen order is ready and you go back to the ramen stall to collect your ramen.

Ramen Champion's Black Shoyu Ramen from Menya Iroha

Ramen Champion's Jiro Ramen from Bario. This is similar to the Shinjiro Ramen at Menya Shinchan which we visited previously. But the portion is not as humongous as the Shinjiro Ramen.

Ramen Champion's tonkotsu ramen from Hakata Ikkousha.

We ordered an additional chicken karaage.

Out of the 3 ramen we tried at Ramen Champion, the ramen from Hakata Ikkousha is the best. The tonkotsu (pork bone soup) edges out the other two ramen which has pretty much tasteless broth.

Ramen Champion at Iluma is definitely not worth the visit. Santouka Ramen anyday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NICI Loulou

NICI Loulou is NICI Valentine's 2012 offering.

NICI Loulou is a beautiful enchanting lady dog.

NICI Loulou has many admirers and she gets lots of love letters.

NICI Loulou merchandise are full of love.

A pair of matching love!

NICI Candy Love Hippo and NICI Loulou both share a cute love on their left foot.

NICI Loulou reminds us of our Maltese dog..

She's lots of fun and steals your heart instantly with her amicable smile =)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

White Dog Cafe at Vivo City

Today NICI Beaver will be introducing White Dog Cafe at Vivo City!

White Dog Cafe is a western food restaurant but we are not here for the food.

NICI beaver is at White Dog Cafe for the BEER!

Specifically, we came to White Dog Cafe for the Erdinger beer! $6.50 per pint (500ml).

White Dog Cafes Erdinger dunkel beer per pint at $6.50

Erdinger lager at $6.50 all day long at White Dog Cafe. No extra or hidden charges

The potato wedges at White Dog Cafe is highly recommend to go with the Erdinger beer. $4.90 per plate with mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

There are sofa seats at White Dog Cafe where you can relax and drink the Erdinger beer.

White Dog Cafe is probably the cheapest place to enjoy a pint of Erdinger beer after a long tiring shopping day at Vivocity. Do note that the Erdinger is from the bottle, not draft.