Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nici Plush Chinese New Year Decorations

It's Chinese New Year's Eve tomorrow and it is a tradition to spend some time to put some new year decorations in the house before the big day! Our Nici plush are all very excited after we have finished decorating the house.

Frederic Fox with the new year tree. A 'must have' decoration in any house for Chinese New Year. Their color seems to complement each other very well.

Rob Raccoon with 'God of Fortune'. It is a popular belief that God of Fortune will come knocking on your door during Chinese New Year and we must welcome him.

On our wall is a huge chinese character called '福', which means 'Fortune'. It is a tradition hanging it inverted because inverted in chinese sounds the same as 'come', so 'Fortune Inverted' literally means 'Fortune Come'. Chinese are pretty well known for being superstitious. Our generation of people are no longer that superstitious but we're just following our parent's footsteps.

And everyone wishes to have a lot of GOLD during Chinese New Year!

Last but not least, mini me (mini Hugo Wolf) climbs up to hang some decorations on the famous cuckoo clock bought back from Black Forest Germany.

Opps, seems like a bit dangerous so high up..

"Save me down!", mini Hugo calls out to his owner for help
Hang on a little bit longer, we need to get a nice picture haha!


  1. The decoration to become very beautiful, I love it! ^_^


  2. We wish you a very happy New Year
    I'm sure you are going to be very lucky with such ornamets, I love them!!!

  3. The god of fortune in my house is cute ha =)
    If you know who I am =P