Saturday, July 30, 2011

NICI Cushion Apple

This is the NICI cushion apple, the first NICI cushion of any type we ever bought.

This green NICI Cushion apple is from the Jolly Lucy series.

The most interesting thing about this green NICI cushion apple is..the worm in the apple can retract and..

extend to its fullest!! This has certainly be the most amusing thing that NICI ever created.

The NICI cushion apple is very detailed in its features, it has the stalk and leaf of an apple.

Our green NICI cushion apple worm has noticed something sneaking behind it all the time..its a RED APPLE!!

The red and green nici cushion apple looks exactly the same and they are both made of identical soft and smooth material.

Both the cushion apple bears the original NICI tag. The only difference is the red apple has no worm and it cost 3 times less than the Jolly Lucy green apple cushion.

The red cushion apple is not mentioned at all on NICI's website. Thus we cannot be sure if it is real or fake but both the NICI cushion apples are very comfortable to hug and cuddle.

*UPDATE* The red apple is original NICI product, please refer to this entry here -
NICI Red Apple

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NICI Shopping Bag

We went NICI shopping recently and we came back with free NICI shopping bags!! This is our first time getting it and this NICI Wild Friends shopping bag is so cute! We didn't even get any NICI logo'd bag while shopping from the NICI shop in Germany.

Here is the Jolly Mah shopping bag. This is very cute too! The plastic material is nice and moreover the color of the print is beautiful.

Here are both the nici shopping bags we got. Later, some of our NICI wild friends came over with curious eyes..

NICI Lion to Zebra: You don't look like the one in the picture, he's spots you're stripes
NICI Zebra: You look nothing like that lion too!
NICI Lion: I dyed my hair and got younger, with botox
NICI Zebra: ........

Both NICI Lion and Zebra: Hey Milo, that is definitely not you! What happened to our nici monkey, anyone saw him? He went AWOL..

Jolly Mah sheep heard the commotion and came to have a look...

Jolly Mah exclaimed: Now this is surely me in the picture! Hahaha, this bag belongs to me.

What Jolly Mah said just now enraged those 3 wild friends. With sarcasm, they went..
NICI Zebra: Eyes look small
NICI Gorilla: Fur is different
NICI Lion: You are dirty

Jolly Mah: HEY!

These NICI shopping bags are seemingly made in Germany.

Its all in German words at the bottom of the shopping bag.

NICI Lion jumps into the wild friends shopping bag gleefully.

Jolly Mah hops into the Jolly Mah shopping bag too ^_^

If you want these beautiful bags, go buy some NICI plush toys now before all the beautiful shopping bags are gone. Yes we bought some new nici toys, will be posting them in the upcoming entries!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jolly Ben vs Hershey's Chocolate

 Jolly Ben: HELP~~ I'm captured by a giant Hershey's Chocolate!
Hershey's Chocolate thoughts: Come play with me Ben

 Hershey's Chocolate thoughts: You are so adorable and huggable!
Jolly Ben: OH chocolate is trying to squeeze me to death!

 Jolly Ben: Don't eat me!!! I will bring you Jolly Rosa, she is more delicious to eat.

Giant Hershey's Chocolate was distracted for a second and...
Jolly Ben: I see an opening! RUN~

p.s. Many thanks to all the friendly staff at Hershey's chocolate for playing with our Ben!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

NICI Pirates of The Caribbean

Previously on NICI Pirates Plush, we that pirate gecko was missing. Pirate lion and bear go in search for gecko in NICI's version of Pirates of The Caribbean!

Pirate bear and lion decide to go search for gecko, their nakama (friend) who was missing from the NICI pirates team.

As they start off with their Pirates of The Caribbean adventure, the pirates immediately came upon an orange colored fruit.

Pirate Lion: Shall we pluck a few and eat? It might give us special powers!!
Pirate Bear: Ya right...Come one, let's head out to another area.

Pirate Lion: Gecko is a lizard, he likes to hide around narrow dark places.
Pirate Bear: So you think he might be hiding in these pebbles?

Pirate Bear: Aye mate, are we really gonna dig through this whole pile of rocks?


Pirate Lion: Keep digging, we might find something interesting beneath the rocks!
Pirate Bear: ..................

Pirate Lion: Okay, let's head for another place and search for Gecko..
Pirate Bear: Wait!!! Did you see that?

Pirate Lion: Oh my god!! What's this?! it the f..f..f..f..f..Fountain of Youth?!

Pirates of the Caribbean's the Fountain of Youth laid upon the two pirates eyes.

Pirate Bear: Can't believe we found the Fountain of Youth!
Pirate Lion: It is said that we can stay young forever if we drank the water!

Pirate Lion: OH Mermaids!!! This must certainly be it!
Pirate Bear: Wait a minute..are you sure those are mermaids?
Pirate Lion: Of course they are you dimwit! Let's take a sip of the fountain's water quick!

Pirate Bear: But if this is really the Fountain of Youth, then we need a chalice to drink from it.

Pirate Lion: Who cares! This is some magical water, let's just both take a mouthful and see what happens.

Pirate Lion: Okay now, do I look younger?
Pirate Bear: I don't know mate, you look the same.
Pirate Lion: I'm sure something is different with me, I can feel the energy inside me!!
Pirate Bear: Why don't i feel anything at all?..
Pirate Lion: Come on, I'm bustling with energy. Let's go find our friend Gecko.

Pirate Bear: Alright then, there's some greener pastures ahead, lets go check there out.

Pirate Lion: Look at this plant! I think this is the Tree of Life! I saw it in an old book.
Pirate Bear: we go again..
Pirate Lion: I found something more interesting!!...Come

Pirate Lion: Hey mate, look at this red plant, do you know what is this? Maybe if I eat it I will grow taller!

Pirate Bear: I've never seen this before but beware, bright colors usually means its poisonous.

Pirate Bear: Wait, did you hear something?? I heard what seemingly sounded like a gecko's chirping sound. It is coming from the rocky area, let's go back and have a look.

Pirate Bear: WHAT?!! This wasn't here just now, I'm sure we checked it very thoroughly. How could we have missed this?

Pirate Lion: The package is sealed. What does Parkson means?
Pirate Bear: The sound is coming from inside, quick! Let's open it up.

Pirate Gecko busted out of the package and the exclaimed: You guys finally found me! I've been calling out to you guys all the time! What took you so long?

Pirate Bear: Its that silly lion who's been playing all day long with everything around.
Pirate Lion: Hey don't put all the blame on me, you were with me for everything.

NICI Pirates finally reunited. Pirate Bear, Pirate Lion and Pirate Gecko. They will now set sail with their adventurous expedition around the world. Hope you enjoyed our NICI Pirates of The Caribbean. AYE!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chewy Junior's Chewy Cream Puff

Jolly Gustav invades Chewy Junior and its chewy cream puffs! Chewy Junior is an outlet from Singapore selling chewy cream puffs. There are 5 Chewy Junior outlets in Singapore and many others in Jakarta Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Chewy Junior is different from other cream puffs because they make it crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside with a generous stash of cream. Thats why Chewy Junior named their cream puffs chewy puffs.

Chewy cream puff with generous coating of chocolate almonds. Looks absolutely delicious! Can you tell Jolly Gustav is drooling all over it?

More delectable chewy cream puffs on the display window of Chewy Junior. Today we are at the Raffles City outlet. Jolly Gustav is attracting lots of curious eyes on him.

Its already considered sinful looking at all the cheese and chocolate toppings on the chewy cream puffs.

There are some chewy cream puff sample available on top of the display counter of Chewy Junior. Take some!

Gustav bought 2 chewy cream puffs, let's get a place to sit down and eat!

Jolly Gustav presents - Chewy Junior's chewy cream puffs!

We got a chewy cream puff with macadamia nut toppings swimming in the abundant sea of chocolate. This one is called the Premium Chocolate Macadamia.

The other chewy cream puff we got was the Blueberry Cheese that comes with blueberry and cream toppings.

Both the chewy cream puffs looks really sinful, so now the delima Gustav have eat or not to eat? Gustav is an old goat, its natural he gets paranoid of his health issues.

We went ahead and ate the chewy cream puffs! The Premiun Chocolate Macadamia has coffee flavored cream inside.

The Blueberry Cheese chewy puff has cream cheese inside. This is yummy if you love cheese!

Please prepare loads of tissue when eating Chewy Junior cream puffs, the cream inside gushes out uncontrollably with each bite that you take. You have been warned!

The chewy cream puffs at Chewy Junior ranges from $1.50 to $1.80 depending on let's say, how sinful it is. You can easily find Chewy Junior at Bugis Junction, Raffles City or 313 Orchard Somerset if you are in town and even more Chewy Junior outlets can be found if you are in Indonesia.