Sunday, February 13, 2011

NICI Plush Toys found at Parkson

We found some NICI plush! Look, it's 35cm Jolly Liselle and both of them are so cute! Remember we revisited the Malaysia NICI shop earlier this month? We are still here in Malaysia and we're amazed to find more NICI Plush toys!

Wait! There are other NICI plush toys on the shelf too.. T.G. Tiger and Gwen Giraffe from NICI Wild Friends and My Lovely Bear!

And there's also NICI classic hamster on the top shelf.
This doesn't look like a NICI Shop, so where exactly are we?

We are at Parkson, and you might wonder what is Parkson?

Parkson is one of the largest departmental store in Malaysia, they sell a variety of clothes for men and ladies, home appliances! According to wikipedia, there are 35 Parkson stores countrywide. You can view the list of all the store location. If you come from Malaysia, you must have heard of Parkson many years ago, and you surely know that there is a huge toy section but it is only recently that NICI plush invaded their toys department.

It might not mean anything to other people but for NICI plush lovers, it is very exciting to see our NICI plush toys surprise us in unexpected places like this. And the best part of all, Parkson is having 10% off all "orange tag" items!

For example like what you see on this NICI Jolly Rosa pink bag. All the other items and plushies have 10% discount except for really small items.

That is not all! If you have this Parkson Elite membership card, you are entitled for another 5% off as a rebate for your future purchase. That's like 15% off the retail price! Even if you don't have this Elite card, you still get 10% discount straight off without filling any forms or any minimum purchase requirement.

On the other shelf there is 80cm NICI Love Monkey - Mona & Lou, 25cm & 35cm Winter Bears, a 35cm Jolly Bob having a great time, a cute 25cm Frederic Fox and a even more adorable 50cm Frederic Fox which we were very tempted to buy.

Anyway, we went home with just this NICI Love mobile phone accessory. Somehow it is so cheap that we almost could not believe our eyes when we saw the price tag because the NICI shop is selling the exact same thing for twice the price!! We still suspect that they must have printed the wrong price but we bought it home and we are happy!

We LOVE the cute NICI tag on it.

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! Wish everyone enjoy the day with your loved ones, family and friends. We will have our own simple celebration tomorrow and share it with you all in the next post. Stay tuned~


  1. That joy in the stores are selling products NICI, everything looks beautiful. Now you have another site to buy, how nice!!! ^_^

    Happy Valentine to you too!!!!

  2. It is very good that more and more stores sell Nici products... I wish they will do the same in Madrid too some day
    We wish you very Happy and Romantic Valentine day

  3. We also hope for you that in the future Madrid will have lots of stores selling Nici products too!

  4. Hi muct the price for the pink jolly bag in your pict?

  5. Hi Marina, the pink Jolly Rosa bag is RM36.90, before the 10% discount. I think it is very cheap now if metro dept is having 20%, hope your sister is able get a few items for you :)

  6. yes...I'm so happy my sister bought me raccoon, hogan and the bison. :).

    I never found the bags here, maybe they were sold out and no restock.

  7. That's great!! I'm so happy for you! ^_^
    You bought the 35cm size for all 3 of them?

  8. yes, my sister bought me all in 35 cm size. She said they have better looks in that size :)

  9. Awesome! We agree that 35cm is the better looking size, great buy =)

    We'd love to see some pictures of your new acquisitions if you don't mind sharing them over email or fb ^_^

  10. Which parkson is this? Thanks.

  11. @LauraHello Laura, this is Parkson Gurney Plaza in Penang. Parkson KLCC has a much bigger nici department. That's all that we have been to :-)

  12. Does anyone knows where I can still find NICI ladybird in 20cm?