About Us

I am Hugo, a NICI wolf in sheep's clothing. I am born in 2008 from NICI Altenkunstadt, a Bavarian city in Germany. I come from the most popular NICI Jolly Mäh series. I love to make friends with Jolly Mah sheep but they are afraid of me because I am a wolf. So I tailored myself a set of sheep's clothing to make me look like one of them. Look at my cute fluffy ear! My owner says I am the most unique soft toy ever designed. A little flattering for me, but I am very special. You can watch a short story here to know why I am wearing sheep's clothing.

This is me with my hood off  ^_^

As you can see, I am the boss at home, my owner dotes on me most. I receive lots of hugs and tender loving care each and every single day.

This is my girlfriend Jolly Rosa, she is a fashionable NICI sheep. Just like me, I am a fashionable NICI wolf hehe. That's why we are together. Both of us are able to put our hands in our pocket, cool isn't it?

Take a look at the next picture to find out more about the characters in Jolly Mäh series.

NICI sheep Jolly Mäh series
*picture taken from NICI

I love to drink single malt whiskey while on my computer.
If you want to buy me anything, you know what I like ^_^

See you next time! I have to continue blogging. Catch more of me on NICI-Mania