Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yu Sheng (Rainbow Combo Fish Plate) -- with recipe

Today is the 7th day of the 1st lunar month; it is said in the "The Book of Divining" by Dongfang Shuo, that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and the 6th day of the 1st lunar month are the days of divination for the chickens, dogs, pigs, goats, oxen and horses respectively. The 7th day is for the people; if this day is sunny and bright, the year will be a good one for people.

It is very popular for the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore to have Yu Sheng during Chinese New Year, especially on the "birthday for mankind". This is a unique custom dish here.

Yusheng is considered a dish symbolise of abundance and prosperity. You can find Yu Sheng in the menu from all the Chinese restaurants here, which cost around USD 40 /platter.

Today, Nici Jolly Sheebo shall share the recipe of his healthier & cheaper home-made Yu Sheng. ( portion: up to 10 people )

Ingredients for vegetables : Carrots 200g, Cucumber 200g, Jicama (yam bean) 200g, Pomelo 200g, Lettuce 200g, Cabbage 50g , Candiedmelon 30g, Pickled Rakkyo(Scallion Head) 20g, Red Pickled ginger 20g.

All the ingredients can be easily obtained from market.

Of course, the most important ingredient: sliced raw fish.
You can use any kind of fresh fish according to your preference (salmon, mackerel, abolone, etc)

Ingredients for sauce : Small limes 8 pcs & squeeze its juice, Vinegar 2 tablespoons, SourPlum sauce 3 tablespoons. Mix all the sauces and season with Salt, Sugar and Sesame oil.

Lastly, Roasted peanuts 50g, Roasted Sesame 20g, Fried wanton skin.
These ingredients play the part for cruchiness.

Cut all the vegetables into thin an long slices, gently squeeze the vege as we do not want too much water or else Yu Sheng will become too wet.

Put all the sliced vege in a big plate.

Mix all the other ingredients into the platter.

OK, we are ready to " LoHei"

"3, 2, 1, Let's LoHei !"

Everyone toss the Yu Sheng and say all the auspicious wishes such as "good fortune, good wealth, a prosperity year ahead" out loud!

It is said that the higher the food clip, your wishes for the coming year will be easier to achieve.

The cruchiness from the vegetables and peanuts, mix with soft and springy fish sliced, coupled with sweet and sour taste. It is definately great to serve as an appertizer before the meal.



  1. Wow, the Yu Sheng looks nice. :D Maybe the next CNY, we'll order from you. :p

  2. Wow, it looks tasty :)
    Bon appetit and wishes of prosperity from Spain

  3. Dear Stephanie and Raquel : Sure! Thanks for the appreaciation and wishes \^_^/

  4. I love it when they have salmon in yu shang. Some places don have that. hehe