Monday, January 10, 2011

Malaysia NICI Shop Part 2

Continuing NICI Reindeer's cute plushy adventure in KL. Many thanks to the shop assistant for letting us take pictures in the shop freely, probably because I looked like an ingenuous kid in Disneyland.

NICI Concept Store, Malaysia
2nd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Complex (Old Wing),
No. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact Infomation: (+6)03-7726 5496

I love how they wrap the 80cm and above plushies in plastic so that they stay dust free. CNS Plaza Singapura does that too, great job! Many shops don't wrap 80cm plush or even 120cm ones.

120cm Jill Husky. Look at the size of her lovely boots

Cute and dumb looking 120cm Jolly Hugo Wolf. Hope someone already brought him home :)

I love the Jolly Rosa bag.

Snow Reindeer mission accomplished!

Who's that?..

"Hi I'm NICI Zebra and my forte is posing for pictures" :p

Stopped by Gardens Cafe to take a rest.

"Let's order some coffee.."

Viennese coffee (on the left) is so lovely and the special brew (on the right) is the shop's recommendation.

Time to go now...

Hope there's a next trip to KL again soon!


  1. 120 Jill Husky is very nice, I love it! Jolly pink bag is also beautiful ^_^

  2. OMG, 120 cm plush are too much for my bedroom, that's why I only buy 15 cm plushies :)))

  3. Wow.. Nice.. Do you get anything from the shop? I guess it's cheaper in Malaysia than SG. :D

  4. @Bea: Hope the Jolly pink bag is still there, will probably get it on our next trip :D

    @Raquel: I recently start to understand your love for 15cm plushies, they are so easy to bring around everywhere. Will post some of my 15cm plush outing pictures in the future.

    @Stephanie: The price is a few dollars cheaper. For example a 35cm plush that cost $35.90 in CNS, Malaysia is selling at RM79.90. The Zebra is what came out from the shop with us. What I love is they have much more range there than in Singapore but Germany is the best~ pictures will come soon..hehe

  5. Haha.. I see.. When you have one shop just for NICI, it's always better, like in HK. NICI HK also has a lot of series and the shopkeeper also very nice :D Have you visited NICI shop in Germany? That's going to be wonderful. Back to the hometown of NICI. :D

  6. Yes, we were in Berlin last year. The NICI shop there is wonderful as they have almost everything, too bad we weren't huge enthusiast back then but we managed to get some pictures :D

  7. I'm looking forward to Nici shop and enjoy all things.
    Congratulations! You have a wonderful blog, I love it!

  8. Hello Jenny! Thank you for your nice comments :) :D