Saturday, June 4, 2011

NICI Raccoon Plush Toy

Meet NICI Raccoon Rob, Rob and Rob. These 3 nici raccoon plush are the most popular nici soft toy at NICI-Mania right there with Jolly Mah sheep and wolf plush.

NICI-Mania's favorite nici plush poll is also telling us that Rob raccoon is the number one favorite toy among nici fans and we dare to say, NICI's Rob Raccoon is the best designed raccoon toy in the market. 3 bushy tailed raccoon plush toys in line!

35cm Rob to 50cm Rob: Hey, why do think nici fans love us so much? Whats so cute about us? Is it our dark eye circles? ^_^

50cm Rob: Thats not a dark eye circle, we are not Pandas! Get over it.

All the nici raccoons we have here are slightly different. NICI-Mania will now show you in detail:

25cm nici raccoon has plush short and rough. Plush quality always degrades along with size, its a norm for all NICI toys.

35cm nici raccoon has plush long, smooth and lush. Quality is much much better than the 25cm raccoon.

50cm nici raccoon's plush is shorter but extremely soft and lush. The smoothest plush out of them and one of the best quality nici plush material. If you also own Milo Gorilla or My Lovely Bears, you know what we are talking about here.

25cm nici raccoon has tail almost as big as his body and its round in shape, his tummy is slim..

35cm nici raccoon has tail flat in shape and slightly smaller in ratio to his body, his tummy is quite fat..

50cm nici raccoon's tail is also flat but its slightly bigger than the 35cm raccoon in ratio to his body, he has a chubby and round body which is great to hug!

Side view of 25cm raccoon plush, notice the sharp pointy nose with ears that are rounder in shape.

Side view of 35cm raccoon plush, his nose is flat and the back of his head is also flat. His ears are more pointy than the 25cm raccoon but smaller in ratio to his face.

Side view of 50cm Rob raccoon plush, his nose is pointy just like the 25cm and he has big pointy ears just like the real raccoon animal.

In conclusion, we think that 50cm Rob is the cutest raccoon toy of them all and most importantly, the best plush quality.

If you are thinking of getting a raccoon plush, do not hesitate to get the 50cm size, it is worth the extra penny. 50cm nici raccoon has all the best features. Look at how adorable he is, the pointy ears, cute face and the paw..

and Rob Raccoon loves to suck thumb! Well not just him but all the other nici raccoons too!

Rob Raccoon's four finger paw is the cutest of all nici plush toys.

Rob raccoon's huge fluffy tail is very soft and extremely huggable, especially the 50cm one. Its so huge you can sleep on it. NICI has done it right on the raccoon's fluffy plush tail.

50cm NICI Raccoon has extremely life-like facial features, he looks just like a real raccoon.

Do you know that raccoons are an extremely popular pet in Japan? Just go to youtube and look at all the videos from Japan. It is said that raccoon's success as a pet in Japan is due to the 1977 Japanese anime Rascal the Raccoon あらいぐまラスカル

Too bad we haven't met any nici raccoon lover or any nici fans from Japan. Our nici raccoon do speak some Japanese but don't ask him to write in hira-gana, he only knows kanji as he is Made in China.

Raccoon plush toy family picture, look how happy they are! NICI raccoon lovers, this blog post is dedicated to you (specially Jessica! ^_^) and for those who are not yet a big fan of Rob, hope we have enticed you enough to buy a nici raccoon plush toy today.


  1. That cute raccoon. Than looks 50 cm. much very nice, well, you know that the more size are more beautiful hehe. Kisses ^_^

  2. @Bea Yes bigger sized all look more beautiful!

  3. they were all absolutely adorable and for keeps!!! Do you know that one of my most loved bear LOKEY is from Nici plush toy family?...bearHobs loves NICI...bearHUGS...

  4. @elyIdidn't know Lokey is a nici bear plush! :-)

  5. Your three Raccoons together are so wonderful, we love them all!Because of his flat nose I would prefer the 35 cm plush, but it is a difficult choice. Plush Raccoons are very popular in Germany. But the living Raccoons must be caught in some regions and brought away from the people, because they occupy their houses and gardens and make a lot of noise and damage.I would like to watch them in the nature around me, because they are so nice .-)

  6. @Leona Löwenherz35cm raccoon thank you for choosing him! In our case the raccoons have to be imported to have them here.

  7. Yay!! Special post only for raccoons =)!!
    *14 raccoons are looking at your post.. *
    Very cute & very detailed, I agree that 50cm Robs are the best quality, sitting or lying. I noticed the newer version of Rob with 4 whiskers (instead of 8) aren't as well made as their predecessors.

    - Jessica -
    PS: Can I send my raccoon pics to u & have it posted? They want a bit of fame ;)

  8. @AnonymousWe've actually been contemplating to ask you for your awesome raccoon pictures, it will be our honor to post them!! :D

    Btw, we did not know that there is a newer version of Rob, will be extra cautious checking them out next time we see the new ones on the shelf.

    PS: Our flock here are all eagerly waiting for your raccoon pictures! ^_^

  9. Hello! Sorry to bother, but do you think it's still possible to get one of those? Because I lost mine and I would really like to get a new one :)