Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year from NICI-Mania

Our NICI Plush Toys from NICI-Mania wishes everyone a happy, healthy and wealthy Chinese New Year 2011. A prosperous and wonderful year of Rabbit. Our plushies are extremely happy because they got lots of "ang pow" (red packet) this year.

Jolly Sven: "Gong Xi Fa Cai (Happy New Year)"
Jolly Svenja: "Where's my red packet?"

Frederic Fox and mini Frederic Fox wishes everyone a smooth sailing year ahead.

Mini Frederic Fox: "I'm the newest in the family and there will be a lot more of my cute pictures in the future. Hope everyone will like me!" :p

NICI Wild Friends - Milo Gorilla and Gwen Giraffe wishes everyone lots of luck for the new year!

Greedy brown sheep Jolly Jomo and NICI monkey wishes...oh wait! Milo, are you trying to steal the light here?

Our plush Raccoon family wishes all a great reunion with family members.

Big Raccoon: "Hey kids, stop fighting for the ang pow! Daddy give me one more please...?*shhhhh* Don't tell the two dumb kids behind"


  1. From Mispeluchesnici blog we wish you and your fluffies a very happy Chinese New Year :)))
    I love your photos :)

  2. In the first picture are all very nice. Chinese Happy New Year to you too!!! Kisses ^_^