Saturday, March 31, 2012

NICI Tiger Dragon

The latest NICI Dragons are here!! *REWIND*
Wait..something's fishy about the dragons..

NICI Dragon eyes checked.

NICI Dragon paws checked.

NICI Tiger head?...

They are NICI Tiger Dragons! Specially made for the asian market for Chinese New Year 2012. This year is the dragon year, hence the idea to combine the nici tiger and dragon.

NICI Tiger Dragons and our Hugo Wolf have one thing in common..

Their hood can be removed to reveal the true Tiger/Wolf within

NICI Tiger Dragons come in 3 sizes. 25cm 35cm and 50cm. The 50cm NICI Tiger Dragon is huge!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taipei Tamsui part 2

For those who missed us on the previous episode of Taipei Tamsui Old Street, click on the link for part 1. Hugo Wolf spotted on the train from Taipei Main Station to Tamsui Station.

Welcome to part 2 of Tamsui old street. It was Saturday evening with a massive crowd here at Tamsui.

Another stall selling Tamsui fish balls and ah gei.


This Tamsui fish ball stalls was mentioned in the Taipei travel book but our filled up stomach did not allow us to go for more fish balls.

A cute Piggy sign, but it wasn't selling pork.

The street is getting dark.

It is only 5:30pm and the sky is already as dark as nightfall! Let's see what other local Tamsui delicacies we can find!

Another quail egg stall at Tamsui.

We spot a temple at Tamsui old street

Have no idea what fruit is that.

Walking back to where we started.

The crowd at Tamsui never rest!

Fruit stall at Tamsui selling pink guava! We have never seen pink guava before! Have you? Taiwan's pink guava is very sweet, juicy and crunchy!

Hello Hugo!

A curious onlooker sets his eyes on Hugo Wolf, as usual, getting attention everywhere.

It says German pork knuckle! Wow

And another interesting stall - Deep fried durian!

Shida Night Market, Ximending, Jiu Fen, Keelung coming up soon. Stay tuned! (^_^)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jolly Lucy & Jolly Lucy Clock

Jolly Lucy presents the lovely Jolly Lucy clock!

The jolly lucy clock is one of the nicest looking clock produced by nici *we think*

Jolly Lucy cheekily looks at her mirthful self flooding the poor worm with water.

Jolly Lucy clock runs with 1 AA battery *not included*

Finally, the Jolly Lucy clock unveils!

Jolly Lucy quickly puts in the AA battery to test whether the clock is working.

Why isn't the clock moving?..Oh! The Jolly Lucy clock only comes with the hour and minute hand, it doesn't come with the second hand. If you look carefully, the minute hand is slowing moving.

Jolly Lucy clock vs the Jolly Mah clock (featured in this previous entry here)

We hang the Jolly Lucy clock on our bedroom wall.

Jolly Lucy clock at night. Good night everyone! (^_^)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

NICI Granny & Lenny Mäh

NICI Granny & Lenny Mäh is the latest Jolly Mäh offering from NICI.

Say hello to NICI Lenny Mäh

NICI Lenny Mäh is Jolly Lucy Mäh's little brother. Lenny Mäh is looking forward to meet his big sister Lucy Mäh again.

Not long after..Lenny heard giant footsteps stomping over, and the sound just gets louder and louder..

It's Jolly Lucy Mäh! She excitedly pounced on Lenny off-guarded.
Lenny Mäh: "Lucy sis! Please be more gentle!"

Jolly Lucy gives Lenny Mäh a nice big hug.

One of the special features of NICI Lenny Mäh is the 2 side pockets. Who does that remind you of?

Jolly Rosa of course! They ought to be brother and sister.

Jolly Jomo came around to greet Lenny Mäh: "Hey bro, we are brothers! We are both brown!"

Suddenly Jolly Lucy and Lenny Mäh realized someone is missing..
Jolly Lucy: "Hey Lenny, where is Granny Mäh?"
Lenny Mäh: "I thought Granny Mäh was right behind me?"

Indistinct voice: "help~~~~~"

Jolly Lucy + Lenny Mäh: "BIG BAD WOLF!!! GRANNY~~~~"

- to be continued -

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator

The Armenian Church, full name Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator is the oldest church in Singapore located at Hill Street. Built in 1835 as the number masks on the building.

The Armenian Church welcomes all visitors! Good thing they did not say no pets allowed ^_^

Jolly Wolf ponders upon some interesting statues in the Armenian Church.

Jolly Wolf goes in to have a closer look.

Jolly Wolf loves the stoney road in the Armenian Church.

Jolly Wolf finds that the Armenian Church design is pretty familiar.

An old Armenian house in the compounds of the Armenian Church.

 A grave in the backyard of the Armenian Church to remember the fallen Armenians.

A tree with purple flowers and 2 benches for you to chill.

Jolly Wolf will bring you inside to have a look shall we?

 This is a sign from the preservation of monument board saying that the Armenian Church is built by G D Coleman, it is the oldest church in Singapore and it originally had a domed roof and a bell-turret in the ancient Armenian Church tradition. In 1853 both features were replaced with a pitched roof and spire for structural reasons.

On the inside, the Armenian Church is not big with a simplistic altar.

This photo must be taken recently judging by the age of Mr Lee Kuan Yew in this picture.

Did you know that Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as their religion?

That is why the Armenian Church is so significant. Jolly Wolf sits down and pray..

The Armenian Church from another side.