Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lion Dance - 15th Day of Chinese New Year

Today is the 15th and also the last day of Chinese New Year. According to tradition, people will light up lots of beautiful lanterns, have a sumptuous meal with their family, or go out in the night for moon gazing as the moon is at it's fullest tonight. For us, we finally got some pictures of Lion Dance which happened a few hours earlier! Let's follow our Jack Husky through the pictures~

Lion Dance is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the business. It is just getting started and people are starting to crowd over.

The deafening sound of the drums starts to thump your heart.

There's a plate of lettuce, red envelop and some mandarin oranges which has auspicious meaning to it but it is supposed to be hung up high instead of on the floor.

The lion slowly approaches..

and sits right on top of it.

Then the other lion joins..

Jack Husky :"Hey, why did the lion spit out the lettuce on the floor?"
Little blonde boy :"Can I go touch their head?"
and their conversation ended in silence

Now the lion is 'spitting' the mandarin oranges to the audience.

They are waiting for the finale..

and it ends with a loud bang from the huge party popper.


  1. It is very interesting!
    And, are you going to eat a great meal with your family too?

  2. We don't live near with our family, so we just had a meal outside. Our generation doesn't follow tradition that much nowadays :)

  3. This place looks a bit like IKEA. lol

  4. Hi, good observation there =)
    Actually we have Jack Husky's IKEA adventure coming soon hehe