Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NICI Sheep Shopping Trip

NICI sheep goes shopping today on a warm and sunny afternoon. It is an exciting shopping adventure, who is the lucky NICI sheep to go shopping? Let's see...

Is that an orange NICI sheep sitting on a bus?

Its Jolly Sheebo! Where are you going?

It's Shopping Day!

Aren't you an excited orange NICI sheep now! Let's start our shopping spree! Where do you wanna go first?

Wine department!
So many choices! Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz! Where's my favorite Pinotage?

Dog food!
We have four dogs at home, let's see..NICI Pug & Mutt, Jack & Jill Husky. How about one can for them each?

Barbie Doll! I am so getting this for Hugo Wolf!

Jolly Rosa would love this toy truck!

Beer beer beer beer...

Sheebo! Why are you on the beer shelf!

"I am not for sale"

I'm hungry! Let's go downstairs to look for some FOOD ~

Love letters and other Chinese New Year crackers. Your favorite!

No, I want something else..

PIZZA !! Yummy!

Sheebo, those are frozen pizzas!! Do you know where you are?



Aren't you feeling a little bit COLD?

That's what my orange pullover is for! Let me get my pizza!

Come'on Sheebo! Get out of the freezer before someone thinks you're marinated lamb chop!! Go go go ^ ^

Nooo....I WANT MY PIZZA !!

Yay we have a trolley load of stuff, let's go check out now. Hope you've enjoyed this shopping day experience with our NICI sheep Jolly Sheebo! Until next time~

p.s. Putting your NICI sheep into the freezer is a dangerous act, DO NOT TRY THIS OUTSIDE OR AT HOME


  1. How nice shopping. The photo in the freezer with pizza is very good XDDD I love all the pictures ^_^

  2. Glad you enjoyed them! We got a bunch of shoppers staring at us while we did the freezer photos, but it was exciting doing it :D

  3. Very funny shopping day :)
    And Jolly Sheebo looks a little bit frozen at the end of the trip ;-))

  4. @Raquel
    Yes he is hahaha, but Sheebo had a really fun day! :D

  5. Fun shopping trip! We especially like to look at all the honey!

  6. @Jerry and Ben
    Thanks!! We are bringing our NICI toys to more shopping trips :D

  7. Thanks Sheebo for the entertaining shopping trip and the humorous photos :-) Yummy pizza is really worth every effort and with this warm orange pullover you`ll always be well dressed. I can imagine how funny it was with all those sightseers around the freezer watching such a cute NICI sheep

  8. Thanks Leona! I guess most of the sightseers were thinking "why in the world is this young man playing with a soft toy sheep in a supermarket".. hahaha :p

  9. Barbie doll for Hugo wolf and Toy truck for Jolly Rosa?? mmmmmm.... hahah

  10. Hey HUGO!!!

    I am going to link your blog to mine.
    My friends will love to read your blog too.
    Meh Mehhh...

  11. HAHAHA isn't it damn cold in the freezer? LOL so cute... kids better not go into freezer like that.. you might not be able to get out!!

  12. @BABY
    Hi BABY, thanks for stopping by our blog! ^_^

    Your fellow wolf friend that bleats :D

  13. @Brigette
    Because Hugo is more like a sheep and Rosa's character is more like a wolf :p