Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hugo Wolf, Jolly Wolf, Hugo Wolf, Jolly Wolf

We received an email from one of our NICI friend who is in love with NICI wolf in sheep's clothing too. Yes! We mean Hugo Wolf and Jolly Wolf! If you have noticed, wolf plush is NICI-Mania's favorite NICI toy. Hence, we are extremely happy and excited that more Hugo Wolf, Jolly Wolf are being brought home to be loved, as they are not very popular among NICI fans compared with the flagship Jolly Mah sheep.

Hello Jolly Wolf, Hugo Wolf!
Our wolf plushies using MSN messenger video call to chat with their new wolf friends across the ocean! Look, both of them are best friends already :p

Our fellow NICI friend sent us some beautiful pictures of her new NICI wolf collection to share her joy!

Hugo Wolf ponders at a cute Jolly Wolf purse and ask...
Hey Jolly Wolf, what happened to your body?

Jolly Wolf replied in a nonchalant tone: I am here -_-

Hugo Wolf looks at the blue Jolly Mah bag and says:
Yippy! Let's go shopping with this Jolly Mah bag! :D

But Jolly Wolf coltishly says...I want my owner to bring me to shopping in this bag, hehe ^_^

Thank you Marina for your lovely wolf pictures!! ♥♥
If there are any other NICI Jolly Wolf, Hugo Wolf lovers out there, feel free to send us an email if you wish to share cute pictures of your wolf ^_^


  1. the story is cute.....hopefully NICI design the new outfits for wolf....maybe wolf in the gray sheep jumper or brown....Because I think wolf love to have a friendship with other sheep. :)

  2. We agree with you! Hope that NICI will come up with different design of wolf soon :D

  3. I have little rocker wolf too, and he is very cool :)))

  4. @Raquel
    Yes! The little rocker wolf is so cool :D Too bad NICI don't sell them in bigger sized plush :(

  5. We think Hugo needs a cute Bear outfit, with a little jar of honey too!

  6. Hallo. This is a message from Sir Henry Jolly Wolf. I am a very good friend of Ute and it is a pleasure for me to meet another Jolly Wolf here. I like the purse and the bag very much. Greetings to all Hugo Wolfs all over the world :-)

  7. That most beautiful story, I love it!!
    Kisses ^_^

  8. @Leona Löwenherz
    Our guitarist Jolly Wolf says Hi to Sir Henry :D

  9. i think JWs are wonderful!
    Alfred (Hugo Wolf) and Bruce (Jolly Wolf) are too adorable! :))))