Saturday, March 5, 2011

Raccoon Plushy Adventure 3

Welcome to another NICI plush adventure by Rob Racoon, here is Part 3:
"The Vehicle Chronicles"

For those who have missed Part 1 and Part 2, you can see them here:
Part 1 - The Playground Chronicles

Whoo! Inspector Rob is coming to save the city in great panache!
Ain't my bike look sexy? honk honk

Hehehe ... ... hey babe, let's go for a ride!

*Act Cute*
It's too high, cannot jump down from the bike..... =_=

*Biting donuts* mmm! This truck looks so cool.

I'm gonna drive this truck to rescue any other NICI toys in trouble. Let's go!

Wooh! Looks like a space machine inside!

hmm..why is my truck not moving?
Isn't the truck on 24 hour service?


  1. I love the police bike :))))

  2. When I took the picture with the police bike, I was thinking you would love it because of your passion for bikes :D

  3. Oh! Rob, you are really so cute!
    P/S: you need to insert the coin to make the truck move :p

  4. Hey Rob. It is really a good plan to rescue other NICI plush with your own truck. You are a very clever Racoon :-)