Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spread The NICI Love

Since we started collecting NICI plush, it has been our mission to spread the NICI love! Today we received some adorable pictures from our close relative who bought her first NICI toy!

Introducing Rob Raccoon! ^_^

NICI Raccoons has so far been very successful in charming people to buy them with their awesome cuteness and their beautiful plush tail.

This raccoon's tail is as big as his body!

Rob, where are you going?

"I'm gonna explore my new home! Meanwhile, I hope that more NICI plush toys will be joining me here in the future!" ^_^


  1. Hi Rob! It looks like you have a very nice new home. Although, I think those tennis shoes might be a tad large for you. I think there is a raccoon who lives in our neighborhood, maybe you're related to him? Hi to Hugo too.

  2. How nice Rob!!!! Sure you will love their new home, but those shoes do not go with the better one of your size XD

    Kisses ^_*

  3. Hi Rob, I'm pretty sure you will be happy at your new home :)
    We are many Nici lovers all around the world :)))

  4. Dear Rob, we are very happy that you have a comfortable home now. Every NICI plush should live in a loving family. And soon you`ll have a lot of friends. Our Dundee(Calvin) - another NICI with a big tail - sends special greetings to you :-)

  5. @Jerry and Ben
    There are 3 Hugos here saying "Hello" to our beary friends! ^_^

    Thanks for stopping by :)
    Mischievous raccoon is trying to wear his owner's shoes.

  6. @Bea
    Gracias! Rob is indeed very happy with his new home and loving it :D

  7. @Leona Löwenherz
    From Rob: Hello Dundee! ^_^
    Looks like I should persuade my owner to get a skunk to accompany me here! :D

  8. beocs of you Rob, i really wanna get one raccoon too! however, my JMs will Grrrrr! and my sis too! cos i promised to only bring in "Jollies"... my Sis, on the other hand, collects Wild Friends... but Rob tempts us with his cute face! :)

  9. @Minghui
    I'm sure your Jolly mahs and your sis wild friends won't mind rob raccoon's addition! Go get one! :D