Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IKEA Food Subdued

Welcome to the final part of NICI Jack Husky's IKEA Adventure trilogy, we are naming it - IKEA Food Subdued! If you have missed the first two parts, you can still check them out here:

We finished with our shopping, let's checkout our shopping cart. Oh wait! Jack, your trolley is empty, you didn't buy anything at all?

Let's go get dinner! IKEA food here we come~

We ordered the usual 6 piece chicken wing but where's the famous Swedish meatballs?! How could you dine in at IKEA without ordering the signature dish?

Well we could, why not! The grilled salmon is lovely too and it's on special offer the day we went, so yeah ^_^ See ya another day meatballs! After dinner, Jack wanted to grab some food for himself because he did not get to eat any of the above!


Jack Husky :"Yes, hotdog with chilli sauce and mustard!"

Which is only for One Dollar! But Jack, you squeezed too much chilli sauce..

Our Jack Husky brought home some Swedish goodies! Knowing that Jolly Rosa loves potato chips, he bought home a packet of Swedish chips for Rosa to try!

Hugo Wolf :"Did you buy anything for me?"

Jack Husky :"Of course! I know you love alcoholic drinks, so we got you a can of sparkling pear drink, 4.5% alcohol! hehe"

Let's share these shall we?

This is the sparkling pear drink. It actually taste like a desert wine with gas. You don't really feel the alcohol because it is quite sweet. But the alcohol effect will kick in after drinking a whole pint.

IKEA is only selling one flavor of the chips, which is sour & cream. The texture of the chips is the same as our favorite Kettle Chips. The taste is not really special but Jolly Rosa is still eating her heart out of it!

Rosa! We caught you red handed!!


  1. Did Rosa like the chips? They look tasty!!

  2. Rosa! We hope Rosa at least shared her chips with her friends!

  3. Yup, everyone got a piece of the chips :D

  4. When we got to Ikea we always buy a big bag og Daim sweets! We love them! And there is also a Daim cake.... Yummie! And we like tha Swedish sandwiches too. Harr always wants a big bag of meat balls but G. and I don't eat meat so we don't eat them... G. says that she wants to buy the pear drink too next time, she never noticed it before. (Thanks for showing!) I'll make sure that she doesn't drink to much of it, she might start singing strange songs! (she's not used to alcohol :-)!)

  5. Thanks for recommending the Daim sweet and Daim cake :) By the way, they have alcoholic apple drink too but we thought pear sounded tastier. We wanna go back to IKEA to get a few more pints of pear drink, hopefully they are still there! IKEA loves to change their food and drinks selection periodically.

  6. Rosa likes chips indeed... Her wish is to try potato chips from all over the world!

  7. Leona LöwenherzThursday, March 17, 2011

    Ute says: Hey Jack. You`re very brave to get so much chilli sauce. I wouldn`t have the heart to do that, because I would fear for my white coat. Did you enjoy your hotdog, it looks yummy! Hello Rosa, I also love potato chips, especially Western Style or Cheese mmh, määhhhh :-). And the flock says "Skoal" to Hugo Wolf. All of you are very kind to share the delicious food. Greetings and Kisses

  8. Thanks Ute! Jack enjoyed the one dollar IKEA hotdog. Cheese potato chips is our favorite also!