Thursday, February 2, 2012

NICI at Grand Parkson

As usual, after our Malaysia NICI Shop visit, we run straight to Grand Parkson departmental store at 1Utama to check out other NICI plush. Wait!! Where are all the NICI??

*Phew* Luckily all the NICI plush are still here at Grand Parkson! They relocated it to the very end corner of the toys department. A wide array of NICI plush bestow our eyes! You can read more about NICI plush at Parkson here.

NICI Hugo Wolf and Jolly Bus blue and red.

NICI Jolly Liselle, Sven, Svenja

Upper shelf: NICI Gwen Giraffe, Milo Gorilla, Bison Big Bow
Lower shelf: NICI Rob Raccoon, Calvin Skunk, Hamster, Frederic Fox and a Matilda Beach turtle!

Minily Rabbit, Crocodile, Bear and Lion. NICI Zebra, Snow Cats, NICI Koala Bear, all 3 dinos

We got something here at Grand Parkson, will show you all the goodies we got from Malaysia NICI Shop and Grand Parkson. Til then! :D


  1. Lying raccoons....!!! *gasp* that 50cm one is so very very cute!

    wow.. this store has good collection of older Nici. Raccons, Snowcats, Hammies & Foxes. Anyone going home with u Hugo?

    - Jess is drooling for lying raccoons -

  2. @Anonymous: yup the 50cm lying is the cutest there!! hehe someone did went home with us from there :D

  3. Oh! everything is beautiful. Already I want to see things!

  4. Oh mäh god! That's a lot of plush, lucky you. How could you resist buying all the sheep??

    Oh, by the way, on FaceBook someone (Sean Jolly Mah) is looking for the black Hugo Wolf, I see this sheep is for sale in this store.

  5. All these Nicis are soooooo cute, would love to give them a hearty hug!!!!! Look forward to see which lucky one you took home haha. I would be happy to cuddle the big hamster. And naturally all the lovely sheep :-)

  6. Anyone out there knows where I can get NICI 20cm ladybird? My bestfriend love it so much, I plan to give one to her as a present.

  7. Those Nicis look so sweet, so cuddly....
    Kisses :)

  8. @Potamotrygorgeous Mäh: Ask Sean Jolly Mah to contact us, there are still many Hugo Wolf around in Singapore and Malaysia!

  9. @Leona Löwenherz: All the NICIs that went home with us will be shown in the next post! :D

  10. @Mavis: We have not seen any 20cm NICI Ladybird before. Will help you keep a lookout for it!! ^_^

  11. Is rosa your girlfriend