Friday, March 11, 2011

IKEA Furniture Rapture - Jack Husky

Welcome to part one of NICI-Mania's IKEA Adventure trilogy - The Furniture Rapture! Our Jack Husky boy is at IKEA today! Part one is all about IKEA furniture. This is the first time Jack got out of home, so Jack is very excited to share the pictures. Let the fun begin!

Welcome to IKEA, the place where our owner loves to buy some interesting furniture, enjoy a sumptuous dinner or just window shop for fun.

Jack found a nice chair with matching white color for himself!

Isn't this a nice baby bed for him?

We found an even better one!

Jack, you are too small for the baby chair. Our Jolly Rosa or Hugo Wolf at home would fit just fine though.

Jack found some IKEA toys in the furniture department!

A really cute mother piggy with little piglets hanging onto her.

Our husky plush loves everything white!

Do you want some tea?

Jack found another IKEA toy!!
"Can you give me a lift to the toys department?"

IKEA hanging chair, our husky seems to love it. Oh well, he seems to like all the furniture here!

We should have a round table meeting for our NICI toys to discuss new ideas for the blog!

"Which IKEA baby chair suits me best?"

"I found a really awesome bed! Please buy this for me or I'm staying here forever!"

Jack, aren't you forgetting that you are going to the IKEA toys department? Stay tuned for part two of our IKEA Adventure trilogy - IKEA Toys Deploy


  1. I love baby furnitures!!!! We are going to have a look to IKEA for our baby :)

  2. Hi Raquel, thats great! :D
    Your baby is so lucky to have NICI toys and also IKEA furnitures :D

  3. We love Ikea too! That's a perfect size bet for Jack, and I bet it would be perfect for bears too!

  4. I love all the pictures, last photo is very funny xDD

  5. Please, buy the bed for husky.... :P

  6. By the way, we found the small bed at the kids department, pretty sure IKEA designed it for soft toys because it's too small.

    @Jerry and Ben: I'm sure bears would fit in the bed perfectly :D

    @Bea: Thanks! We love the last photo too :D

    @Marina: Other NICI toys at home would fight like crazy for the bed :p

  7. I think we need to have a sleep over party, Jerry will bring the sleeping bags, Ben will bring the snacks, and Hugo can supply the board games to play!

  8. Seems that IKEA is a perfect place for Jack. The photo with the little bed is so charming :-)All members of our flock would love to have one

  9. @Leona Löwenherz
    You're right, perhaps its the color of IKEA that matches Jack. Your smaller flock like the giraffes would fit the bed just nice, Ute, Henry or Dundee might be too big :P

    @Jerry and Ben
    Wow, sounds like a great great idea! If we don't have enough fun playing board games, we can play with the other little NICI toys here.