Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jolly Rosa is Jolly Rosa mini

Jolly Rosa is the cutest sheep in NICI-Mania or perhaps the entire NICI world. Ask our friend Leona from Plueschtierkinder and she'll tell you why we love Jolly Rosa so much ♥♥

Hugo Wolf who is naturally attracted to the gorgeous Jolly Rosa wooed her with all his devotion but Jolly Rosa wasn't an easy girl to get near to. Hugo Wolf tried his best to impress her and in the end..

Jolly Rosa was touched by Hugo Wolf's sincerity and heart of gold. Of course, its also because Hugo Wolf is a dumb cute NICI wolf plush and he's also able to put his hands in his pocket. What a compatible couple. Now they are happily together but there's only one tiny little problem..

Hugo Wolf mini is all alone by himself, he couldn't find his dream girl Jolly Rosa mini but NICI-Mania is a place full of warmth, hence some NICI plush toys came along to see how they can help the despair Hugo Wolf.

Jolly Liselle: Bonjour Hugo~ I'm different from Jolly Rosa but I am also a dark skinned sheep. Do you wanna be my l'amour?

Hugo Wolf: You're too big for me..

Then came Jolly Ben: Hugo Wolf, I am mini Jolly Ben and I heard you are searching for a partner?

Hugo Wolf: You're too small for me..

NICI Pug came by and pats on Hugo Wolf's shoulder: Hey Hugo...

Hugo Wolf: I'm not gay -_-

NICI Pug: What the! I was only asking whether you've seen Mutt..zzz

Hugo Wolf: I GIVE UP!! I'm never gonna meet my dream plush Jolly Rosa mini..right when Hugo Wolf was drowning in his own dismal..a miracle happened!

Hugo Wolf spots a very familiar NICI plush! He wasn't sure if it's the Jolly Rosa mini that he's been dreaming all the time, so he took a closer look to see...

Jolly Rosa special feature number one: Hand in pocket *checked

Jolly Rosa special feature number two: Pink flower on head *checked

Jolly Rosa mini is standing right in front of Hugo Wolf!! Elated by what he found, he moves towards Jolly Rosa and asked her to be his valentine. Of course it wasn't easy at first but in the end, Hugo Wolf's sincerity moved Jolly Rosa's heart after a few months of pursue..

Now they are happily together and some of our kay poh (busybody..oh well, concerned) NICI plush toys gather around to celebrate for them! What a lovely 15cm plush couple aren't they?

Jolly Rosa to Hugo Wolf: Are you sure you're 15cm? You still look really small compared to me, you gotta eat more and grow taller than me okay!
- The END -

Special thanks to Stephanie from NICI-Wildfriends who made Hugo Wolf's dream come true! Loves, from Hugo Wolf & Jolly Rosa


  1. Ohhhhhhh, what a cute post :)))
    We want to see photos of their wedding :)))

  2. Wedding? Thats a great idea! :D

  3. How nice, I finally found her soulmate. They are very cute ^_^

    By the way, I'm thinking about buying the pirates will soon, but I'm still undecided...

  4. so cuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... =D I'm in love with ur blog

  5. Hello Hugo. Congratulations for mini Hugo and his darling Rosa. Ute hugs you for the wonderful Jolly Mäh story and the kind special link. Amazingly happy she is sitting in front of the monitor with her sheep friends and can`t get enough of the beautiful photos and the happy end of Hugos love story. You are right, all Jolly Rosa are very special. Ute is loving, very chummy and generous. But indeed she has a mind of her own and sometimes wants to be wooed like a princess. Must be the pink flower...Kisses

  6. @Bea
    I think you should get the pirates first before the Panda. They are really unique and your Supercroco will have some bad guys to deal with then! :D

  7. @Jessica
    Hello Jessica! We're happy to see you here :D Help me say hi to your huge raccoon flock and other NICI toys at home! ^_^

  8. @Leona Löwenherz
    Yes it must be the pink flower and maybe also her side pockets that makes Jolly Rosa so special. All our flock here loves Ute too, she is the most adorable Jolly Rosa we've seen!

  9. Ute says: "Thanks a lot for the compliments, you embarrass me and my sheep nose empurples... and I am very happy". :-) Kisses

  10. aww.. finally Hugo meets Rosa. :D it's my pleasure to help Mini Hugo finds his soulmate. ;D

  11. @Leona Löwenherz
    Ute, you deserved the compliments. Just that our Jolly Rosa here is a little jealous now :D

    Yes, finally! It really took some time here. Mini Hugo is forever grateful to you :D

  12. The raccoons said 'Hi Hugo & ur lovely Nici gank too.. KRRRRRrrr....
    Rosas (big & mini) are so cute.. did u get mini Rosa from Metro Jakarta?


  13. Our nici plush gang says hi to your raccoon league too! ^_^ Yes its from Metro, you spotted the Rp price tag on Jolly Rosa? :D