Sunday, March 13, 2011

IKEA Toys Deploy

Continuing from the first part of NICI-Mania's IKEA Adventure, we now bring you the second part of the trilogy: IKEA Toys Deploy!

Let's see Jack, our husky plush from NICI playing with other cute toys in IKEA!

I'm riding a ladybug! Hmm..where's the honk honk?

Hi spidy, do you mind giving me a ride to the toys department?
IKEA spider: ......
Okay..this looks a bit eerie, get me off quick!

IKEA toys, here I come! There are so many interesting toys in IKEA

Hey doggy, my canine you want to play with me?

Bulldog: Hey winter dog, how about I play with you?
Jack Husky: RUN~~~

Phew, what a scary looking bulldog, good thing I run pretty fast..
Ooo..I love these soccer balls, NICI should make one just for me

Hey buddy, you look weird, are you alright? What happened to your body?
Giraffe in Car :"Surrender your planet"
(in alien language)

Help~~ I'm being molested by a SPCA for me!

Farm playground = Fun! The plush cars are very adorable!

Buy me this cooking set and I'll make delicious food for you and all the other NICI toys at home :D

So Jack, what's on the menu?
Jack: Dog food...
okay, no thanks -_-

aww...such a nice dog house, care to share some of your carrots?

And the Grand Finale...

Snake soup tonight, anyone? Or deep fried snake tibits? *blink blink*
They are sooooooo cute...

Coming soon on NICI-Mania ^_^


  1. How many toys are there!!!!
    My favourite: the fluffy heart :)

  2. I think the heart is one of the most popular IKEA toy :-)

  3. Ooh, my friends Hammie and Gea would love the ladybug cushion!

  4. The photo with the cars it is very funny ^^

  5. We love the ladybug cushion too! And the lovely toy cars :D

  6. Haha.. just visited IKEA today.. :D
    I prefer the snake.. Almost buy one of them before ;p

  7. Leona LöwenherzMonday, March 14, 2011

    Hey Jack. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos from IKEA. The bulldog really frowns and you were right to take your heels! The blue soccer ball suits you and I´m sure you`re athletic enough for its size ((wave)) Greetings from our huskies Paula and Paul

  8. @NICI-Wildfriends
    We almost bought the plush cars but we figured it's better to put our money on more NICI plush haha :D It always happens like this.

    @Leona Löwenherz
    Hi Paula and Paul! Thanks for leaving your nice comment. Greetings from Jack & Jill huskies here :D

  9. Yes, Jerry and Ben are right! G. would love to have that big ladybug, but we don't have enough space left to keep it here in our house :-( ...

  10. Hello Hammie, you have a cute blog there! Send my greetings to G. also :-)