Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 Closest Full Moon to Earth

The moon is freakishly full and bright tonight! We peeked through the window from our house and was amazed by the beauty of the moon. We took a quick shot with our camera, the moon is so bright it lightened up the sky where you can still see the clouds. Later we'll go out and see if we can get more pictures! If you have read the news, it says that today March 19, 2011 is where its the closest moon to Earth.

We went out to take a few more shots of the March 19 full moon. Notice the cloud changes very swiftly, so every time you see it'll be a little different. We actually did not know until just now that today is the closest moon to earth in 18 years. People are actually calling it Supermoon

Say hi to Frederic! How can NICI-Mania's pictures do without any NICI plush in it. If you're with your family and loved ones, hope you have a great time watching this supermoon tonight. We don't know how many years it will be until the next closest moon to Earth phenomenon. Enjoy your Saturday night!


  1. Thanks for the beautiful photo. We love full moon and it`s a magic moment to observe its magnificence :-) Unfortunately we have rain and grey sky this weekend, so we won`t get such a brilliant view. Greetings

  2. Greetings Leona :D
    We called some of our family members staying afar and they also said that it's a rainy grey sky right now. Hope the clouds will move away later at night and you can get to see the Supermoon :-)

  3. We had a beautiful moon here too last night; we'll look for an even bigger moon tonight!

  4. *blink blink*
    Hugo, will you howl tonight? Or shapeshift? :P

    Can't see the moon from window, but the sky above is so bright ...

  5. ahwoooooo....opps that wasn't me, it was Jolly Wolf! :p

    I will shapeshift into a.....sheep

  6. I saw the supermoon too... :D it was very big and bright.. :D

  7. @Jerry and Ben
    Hey Jerry and Ben, did you find the bigger moon last night?

    Yay! You saw the supermoon too :D :D

    Thanks Bea, hope you have also caught a glimpse of the supermoon in Spain :D

  8. We saw the supermoon too. We have spent the weekend in a little town, far from the city lights, and we could see it. It was wonderful!!!

  9. @Raquel
    Thats wonderful!! Being far from the city lights allows you to see the full moon better :D And it also means there will be new post on your blog for your new NICI plush, we can't wait for it to get updated on your blog :-)

  10. Hello Hugo. The photo of Frederic with the moon is wonderful :-) We could see this brilliant moon for a few minutes and it was amazing. Then unfortunately it was covered again with dark clouds and it wasn`t enough time to make a photo