Friday, May 20, 2011

NICI toys in Singapore NBC Stationery

We found some nici toys in Singapore's Raffles City shopping mall! Its a gift shop named NBC Stationery & Gifts or NBC Japan. Last year when we walked into this interesting stationery shop, we found them selling some nici toys like Winter Bears and My Lovely Bear, just 4 or 5 plush toys so we didn't find it a big hoo-haa. 

This year April we randomly came back  to NBC stationery shop and many cute nici toys are now occupying a whole rack on the shelf like what you see in the picture! These pictures were taken with a phone camera so please don't mind the blurryness. The shop attendants were all starting to give us weird stares.

We googled NBC Stationery and found out that they actually have 7 outlets in Singapore. Besides this outlet at Raffles City, other NBC outlets include:
  • Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City
  • Ngee Ann City Level 4
  • Kinokuniya Liang Court
  • Parco Millenia Walk
  • Takashimaya
  • Bugis Junction

That Bugis Junction NBC outlet suddenly struck us as the stationery shop at the corner of level 3 selling some old nici toys, by some we mean really few and the shop is closed by the way, for renovation. We knew about this Bugis Junction stationery gift stop but didn't know it was actually NBC Stationery until now. 

We specially took the 50cm nici gorilla out to the front to take these pictures. If you look at the previous picture again, other nici toys occupying the shelf includes:

- 25cm & 35cm NICI Milo Gorilla
- 35cm & 25cm Big El NICI Lion
- 50cm, 35cm & 25cm TG Tiger
- 25cm NICI Giraffe Gwen 

The 50cm milo gorilla is extremely cute and cuddly! He has a big round chubby face with innocent eyes enchanting, "buy me, buy me, buy me.."

FYI, the prices for these nici toys at NBC are the same as anywhere else, no luck in finding any cheaper nici toys in Singapore whatsoever! But its good to see more places selling nici toys, which means more people will gradually get to know about the NICI brand.

Coincidentally, we just screened through Kinokuniya at Liang Court last week, unknowingly that it was a NBC stationery outlet too. No wonder they were selling the same Hayao Miyazaki Totoro toys. From the outside of Kinokuniya Liang Court, we saw some soft toys on the shelf, thats what intrigued us to curiously walk in just to try our luck at finding any nici toys. Its one of the standard things we do nowadays as we always subconsciously anticipate some nici toys to surprise us somewhere, anytime.

If you are hunting for nici toys in Singapore, don't forget to stop by this lovely stationery & gift shop at the basement #B1-22 of Raffles city shopping center near City Hall mrt station. NBC Stationery & Gifts is beside MPH Bookstore and Crumpler bags. You can see from this picture, the nici toys are right in the first shelf on the right as soon as you walk in the store.

Of course there is CNS - the official retailer for nici toys in Singapore at level 3 but we recommend CNS at Plaza Singapura if you want a much better service, since all the nici toys in Singapore are priced exactly the same.

Which leaves us wondering, why don't any shop in Singapore selling nici toys come up with a membership or customer loyalty program? Malaysia NICI shop is giving 15% off for members and lifetime membership is free plus you get a beautiful nici member card. If any shop in Singapore does that, I'm sure all the nici collectors here will be flooding there to sign up.


  1. Milo is really cute and I`m sure that all the plush would have loved to come home with you to your flock. I hope they`ll soon find a loving home :-) Greetings

  2. @Leona LöwenherzOh, we would love if all of them could come home to our flock :D

  3. Mio looks very nice, I love your face!! ^_^

  4. Hayao Miyazaki Totoro love totoro too :P

  5. It's always great news to find shops that sell Nici toys :)

  6. Hahaha I can see he is saying "buy me buy me buy me"...
    In fact mostly nici toys have that look" take me home...please...please...."

  7. Thanks for all your replies. Its a pity Milo Gorilla didn't come home with us, we hope to find more shops selling nici toys = more choices for us!

  8. The NBC in Takashimaya basement one sells NICI too!

  9. as for the one in kinokuniya.. insider info is that you can only get them during Xmas! :)

  10. Hi. Where can I find nici toys in kuala lumpur?? Thank you