Saturday, January 29, 2011

NICI Raccoon Meets New Plush Friend

Our NICI Raccoon ~ Rob gazes curiously upon the box stranded right in front of him..

He ponders what's in the box that might surprise him..

Rob Raccoon: "I wonder what's inside...daddy say it's specially for me!"

"Hehe, quickly open up and see see" :D

"Ah! It's orange !"

Rob Raccoon: "Hey! You are...."
"I am your fellow NICI Forest Friend ~ Frederic the Fox"

They gaze at each other for 5 seconds in silence...

Both of them are very huggable, adorable, and they have a big bushy tail made from very soft plush!

Rob Raccoon: "You are my good friend!"
Frederic Fox: "Yes! We are Forest buddies!"

BFF - Best Friends Forever ^_^

For better and more complete pictures of NICI Forest Friends, go to this blog


  1. Oh that cute, Frederic Fox is beautiful, now have each other to share adventures in the forest ^^

  2. Thanks Bea, Frederic is indeed beautiful! He will get lots of action in the future :)

  3. I love Frederic, his tail is super-soft!!!
    Congratulations for the new member of the family :)

  4. I love raccoon, he is so cute .... and my boyfriend looks like a Frederic Fox, so I love fox too :-)