Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thai Green Curry Recipe (How to Cook) by Jolly Liselle

Today Auntie Jolly Liselle is going to teach us how to make Thai Green Curry easily at the comfort of your own home. It would taste as good if not, better than any Thai restaurant plus minimal abuse on your wallet. Perfect for those who have to juggle work and cooking for your family.

Let's get started! First of all, get a pack of green curry paste. This is the core of the whole dish. We have tried 2 different brands so far and our conclusion is any brand of green curry paste will work the same magic.

Usually we blend our own curry paste, but if you buy a ready made packet like this, they save you the time and trouble to blend all the lemongrass, green chili, shallot, garlic, basil, brown sugar, etc.. Let's go through the rest of the ingredients!

Here's what you need. 400 grams of chicken thigh meat, probably about 300 grams left after removing the bone, fats and skin.

About 300 grams of eggplant, way over the recommended quantity but we love more vegetable.

A packet of coconut milk 2ooml

Lemongrass, which is of course optional. Most people add Kaffir Lime leaves and/or Basil.

Chicken thigh meat is very easy to debone as there is only one vertical piece of bone in the middle. Chop up the meat into 2 inch dice. You want the meat to be bigger in size as it takes time for the eggplant to cook. Remember to remove the chicken skin and keep it!

Cut off the upper, greener part of the lemongrass. Keep the lower stalk and squash it with your knife so that the aroma will leak out more easily into your curry.

Chop up the eggplant in any fashion you like.

Heat up the pan real nicely and put in the chicken skin you kept just now. Look at the amount of oil the skin produces under high heat. You do not need to add any additional oil and the chicken oil itself adds more flavor to your green curry.

After the chicken skin is browned nicely, add in the green curry paste and stir fry. Adjust to medium low heat as you need to add in the coconut milk later.

After you feel the smell of the green curry spices swirling around your kitchen, you can add in half of the coconut milk (about 100ml) while stirring it nicely into the mixture. It is important to keep the fire at medium low heat

Coconut milk should never be boiled over high heat as the milk and water mixture will be separated during high temperature, which will be very undesirable.

Add in the lemongrass and continue frying in medium low heat. We spontaneously added a few chopped chili padi to make it extra spicy! :)

Here comes the eggplant first..give it a nice stir, fry them around..

Then comes the chicken. It is usually the other way round, which is chicken first then eggplant but we don't like eggplant to be too raw.

Fry them up real nicely for a few minutes.

Then add about 300ml of water.

Cover the lid and simmer for about 7 to 8 minutes. It will boil but not rapidly, just a soft boil under medium low heat.

Then add in the remaining 100ml of the coconut milk, stir well. The soft boiling will cease when you add the coconut milk, let it stay that way.

And here's our favorite part, Thai Fish Sauce! No Thai food is complete without the legendary fish sauce. We use just about any brand, no particular favorite although some really taste better but fish sauce is just an enhancement.

We add about a teaspoonful and it's done! Simple isn't it?

The fragrant smell of the green curry attracts another Nici plush...

It's Jolly Rosa! :D

Jolly Rosa: "wow, i'm hungry!"

Here's the breakdown of our Thai Green Curry recipe today (for 3 to 4 pax)

1 packet of Green Curry paste
300 grams of chicken thigh meat
300 grams of eggplant
1 stalk of lemongrass *optional*
200ml of coconut milk
300ml of plain water
1 teaspoonful of fish sauce

It taste so good and it is so easy to cook, we give ourselves for it ^_^

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  1. Hmmmmmm!!!! It looks tasty and delicious!!!
    I will try to find those ingredientes here, but it looks to be difficult in Spain... If I find them, I promise to try it :)))
    Thank you :))

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment! :) Eggplant and coconut milk should be easy to get. Lemongrass is not that important, Basil should be the more appropriate herb to put. Only the Green Curry paste would be impossible to find, we can send you one packet to try! :D

  3. I have never seen here neither coconut milk nor Green Curry, but I have never looked for them.
    Thank you for your kind offer XDD
    Kisses and keep cooking!!!

  4. Oh! Liselle, green curry is my favorite! Next time do teach me another Thai food recipe : Tom Yam soup!

  5. It looks good! Cook from me when i get back to Malaysia k bro =)