Friday, January 28, 2011

Milo Gorilla Takes a Drive

One breezy afternoon our cute NICI gorilla plush tries to snatch the steering wheel from his owner to go for a spin in the car! Let's see what happens...

Milo..keep your hands off the steering wheel!

Milo Gorilla: I wanna drive, can I? Please, please, please...

Alright then, that is if you can reach the gas pedal
..... can't :(

Okay I give up, I'll sit at the side and be a nice little NICI gorilla
Good boy :)


  1. Hihihihi!!! That one in which he cannot reach de pedal is very funny :)))))
    And don't forget the seatbelt!!!!

  2. How nice the car, the photos are very funny ^^


  3. Opps! The last picture showing Milo without seatbelt :p We will make sure he puts on his seatbelt next time! :D

  4. Hi Milo,your little adventure makes me smile.
    I also would like to drive Leonas car. But she said it is not possible without driving licence.And where please could I get one for sheep? So I look for a pink cabrio in Jolly- Rosa-Size...
    Kisses from Ute

  5. He is too short to drive!!! LOL. buts its cute when his hand is clinging on the steering wheel xD