Monday, January 17, 2011

Jolly Sheebo the Orange Sheep Plush




Alright, stop playing with your hood, we know who you are :)

This is Jolly Sheebo or more commonly known as the Orange Sheep with Pullover. He is very soft and cuddly, and we love how his face is so round and chubby!

Sheebo has been around for quite some time already and they will be sold out pretty soon..

so this lonely orange sheep plush sitting on the shelf was finally brought home to join the family.

Anyone else miss the old NICI Tag?

Jolly Sheebo finally reunites with Jolly Rosa, Jolly Wolf and Jolly Mah. The four of them were once together on the same shelf around 2 to 3 years ago waiting to be brought home by any plush loving soul. Now the orange sheep reunites with the rest of the gang. It's a heartwarming moment, so give us a nice pose and....

Say cheese! *snap*


  1. Although I love all my fluffies, Jolly Sheebo is my favourite one. He has travelled with me to many places, and I have a lot of photos with him :)
    By the way, I love your photos, they are very-very lovely :)))

  2. Baaah! Maaah says sheeebo is sooo cuuute wif his hoodie I am finking about being jellylous *lol* I added ewer link to my blog links hope ewes don't mind :)

    Baaton Wooller :D

  3. @Jenny: Thanks for your comment :)

    @Raquel: Sheebo is fast becoming one of our favorite too! There's something special about this cute orange sheep :D

    @baatonsbaahs: Hello Baaton Wooller Jr! Nice to see ewe here :) I'm linking ewers too :D

  4. I remember the old Nici toys , I still have my precious Jimmy , a blue Leopard super CUTE! Nici has amazing toys but I miss the old ones ^^

  5. We agree there's something special about the older Nici toys which makes us so attached to. The newer ones are full of creative and interesting designs though. We love all of them :D

  6. I love the first picture!!!! Its so cute that i want to pinch him!

  7. I have the Jolly Sheebo too!
    His name is Robin!
    My Nici collection is mainly made up of Jolly Mahs.... :)

  8. @Minghui
    I saw the picture on your blog, your Jolly Mah family is cute.. please post more! :-D

  9. Very nice family portrait.

  10. @potamotrygorgeous: Thanks!!! :D We love this family portrait too