Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NICI Jolly Mah Rosa at Church


Hey Rosa, what are you doing?
"shhhh.. I'm praying"

"Okie, what is it?"
Are you in a church?

"Yes and this is the first Sunday of year 2011" :)

"How do I look?" :D

"Flowers go very well with me in the photos"

"I know..I look cute in every angle" :D

1...2...3...Oh no!! 4 sheeps in the stable?

Rosa you naughty girl..
One last take with the Christmas decoration outside the church before they take it down.

Bye bye 2010, hello 2011 ^_^

Jolly Rosa goes to Church inspired by "jollysheep". If you ever stop by this blog, we love your photos.


  1. Wow, you are going to the same church as me.. :D
    It's a very nice church.. Hehe.. :D

    And Rosa must be a religious sheep also.. XD

  2. Hihi, Jolly Rosa praying... I love that photo :)
    Kisses and happy New Year :)

  3. That funny in the church. I love the picture where prayer comes. Happy New Year!

  4. @Stephanie: It's a small world hehe :)

    @Raquel & Bea: Thanks for the comments!! and Happy New Year too ^_^

  5. Hey Rosa,
    you are so beautiful between the other sheep in the stable. What a special beginning of New Year 2011! Kisses from your german "sister" Ute

  6. Hi Ute, I went to your website to have a look and you are a very adorable sheep too! =) Your owner loves you so much! you get to wear so many nice clothes and take so many beautiful pictures! :)

  7. wow~ I'm so honored :) yep, that was my brown sheep at church :)

  8. @jollysheepIts because of you that gave Jolly Rosa the courage to go out in the public :) Or else she used to be really shy because of her huge size. Your other pictures are very nice too, especially gorilla in the mrt!