Sunday, March 11, 2012

J Obsession 2012

NICI Beaver is at J-Obsession 2012 yesterday at The Cathay. J-Obsession is an event to promote local musicians with the passion for Japanese music.

J-Obsession gives local young aspiring musicians a stage to showcase their talents and their love for Japanese music.

There was also a cosplay event at J-Obsession yesterday and we spotted some cosplayers loitering around nearby The Cathay.

On the right the gorgeous Hizaki (cosplaying)! Lead guitarist from the J-Rock visual kei band - Versailles.

Then we see some familiar faces from our previous AFA11 - Anime Festival Asia 2011.

Also another familiar face from the AFA11 event. You can check out their pictures here

Viewer discretion alert! We found this weird looking guy in eeyore stitch's costume.

One of our local band - HYDRA performing on stage for the J-Obsession 2012 event.

Check out the facebook page for J-Obsession 2012 for more details. Today is the last day for this event 4:30pm - 8.00pm at The Cathay. Please go support our local musicians!


  1. not eeyrore la! it's Stitch!

  2. @Minghui: yes! Thanks for rectifying! :D

    1. you are welcome! I did not know of this event! :( too sad...... :(

  3. Ohhh cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow dear beaver, you surely had a great time there. Our flock especially loves the Versailles outfit :-)

  5. @Leona Löwenherz: We specially love the Versailles Hizaki's outfit too! It's just so gorgeous :D