Sunday, March 25, 2012

NICI Granny & Lenny Mäh

NICI Granny & Lenny Mäh is the latest Jolly Mäh offering from NICI.

Say hello to NICI Lenny Mäh

NICI Lenny Mäh is Jolly Lucy Mäh's little brother. Lenny Mäh is looking forward to meet his big sister Lucy Mäh again.

Not long after..Lenny heard giant footsteps stomping over, and the sound just gets louder and louder..

It's Jolly Lucy Mäh! She excitedly pounced on Lenny off-guarded.
Lenny Mäh: "Lucy sis! Please be more gentle!"

Jolly Lucy gives Lenny Mäh a nice big hug.

One of the special features of NICI Lenny Mäh is the 2 side pockets. Who does that remind you of?

Jolly Rosa of course! They ought to be brother and sister.

Jolly Jomo came around to greet Lenny Mäh: "Hey bro, we are brothers! We are both brown!"

Suddenly Jolly Lucy and Lenny Mäh realized someone is missing..
Jolly Lucy: "Hey Lenny, where is Granny Mäh?"
Lenny Mäh: "I thought Granny Mäh was right behind me?"

Indistinct voice: "help~~~~~"

Jolly Lucy + Lenny Mäh: "BIG BAD WOLF!!! GRANNY~~~~"

- to be continued -


  1. Haha, wonderful :D Poor Wolf, it's not good to .. well... do this with a sheep when you are yourself a wulf in a sheep pelt :D Hope to see the rest of the story soon :)

  2. Thanks Mini for your comment! :D

    A wolf is a wolf, and big Hugo Wolf needs to fill his fat tummy with 'food'..hehe, well Granny Mah might just be lost in the woods :D

  3. Haha, that photos funny and poor wolf. By the way, I finally I will have bubbles! I am very happy ^____^

  4. @Bea: how nice to get nici bubbles. we're happy for u too. waiting for your pictures on your blog :))

  5. What a nice story this is. Again, beautifully done with the sharp/blurry pictures. By the looks of it I just got a bad batch with my granmah and lenny mah, your sheep look much better.

  6. Lenny is very cute, but poor Granny! Our flock hopes that she hadn`t been a victim of the bad wolf!

  7. @potamotrygorgeous: thanks for enjoying the story! :)) our jolly lenny is hand picked from the whole flock that Brian from cnsplazasingapura has in his store. we chosed the best looking one :D

  8. @Leona Löwenherz: we'll know what happened to granny mah soon! she ought to be fine :D