Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator

The Armenian Church, full name Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator is the oldest church in Singapore located at Hill Street. Built in 1835 as the number masks on the building.

The Armenian Church welcomes all visitors! Good thing they did not say no pets allowed ^_^

Jolly Wolf ponders upon some interesting statues in the Armenian Church.

Jolly Wolf goes in to have a closer look.

Jolly Wolf loves the stoney road in the Armenian Church.

Jolly Wolf finds that the Armenian Church design is pretty familiar.

An old Armenian house in the compounds of the Armenian Church.

 A grave in the backyard of the Armenian Church to remember the fallen Armenians.

A tree with purple flowers and 2 benches for you to chill.

Jolly Wolf will bring you inside to have a look shall we?

 This is a sign from the preservation of monument board saying that the Armenian Church is built by G D Coleman, it is the oldest church in Singapore and it originally had a domed roof and a bell-turret in the ancient Armenian Church tradition. In 1853 both features were replaced with a pitched roof and spire for structural reasons.

On the inside, the Armenian Church is not big with a simplistic altar.

This photo must be taken recently judging by the age of Mr Lee Kuan Yew in this picture.

Did you know that Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as their religion?

That is why the Armenian Church is so significant. Jolly Wolf sits down and pray..

The Armenian Church from another side.


  1. The church looks new, no seems to have so many years ^^

  2. That sheep stuff toy is so cute. It is fond of having journey in different places.

  3. Many thanks dear Jolly Wolf for these beautiful photos of an extraordinary church. Must be a wonderful place of peace :-)

  4. @Leona Löwenherz: Thanks for enjoying our photos!! The Armenian Church does let you feel serene and peaceful inside when you step in :))

  5. @Bea: Yes, they seemed to have maintained the church very well :))

  6. this site interest me very much. I love it. Please take the time and read the Armenian book I have on my website. I am sure you would find it very interesting as well. Thank you so much. I think the puppet is so sweet like Armenian are.