Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jolly Lucy & Jolly Lucy Clock

Jolly Lucy presents the lovely Jolly Lucy clock!

The jolly lucy clock is one of the nicest looking clock produced by nici *we think*

Jolly Lucy cheekily looks at her mirthful self flooding the poor worm with water.

Jolly Lucy clock runs with 1 AA battery *not included*

Finally, the Jolly Lucy clock unveils!

Jolly Lucy quickly puts in the AA battery to test whether the clock is working.

Why isn't the clock moving?..Oh! The Jolly Lucy clock only comes with the hour and minute hand, it doesn't come with the second hand. If you look carefully, the minute hand is slowing moving.

Jolly Lucy clock vs the Jolly Mah clock (featured in this previous entry here)

We hang the Jolly Lucy clock on our bedroom wall.

Jolly Lucy clock at night. Good night everyone! (^_^)


  1. That cool, I love Lucy's watch! Hey, a strange question ... make a sound? xDD

  2. NICI definitely fabricated lucy mah with a great commercial talent. I mean she had a personality of her own even before she was made. I love her kissing frogs and watering worms. Sometimes I think lucy is their best work with the best advertising.

    NICI could have made a cute joke by adding a pair of fluffy frogs with every lucy mah purchase haha. Or give free bubble gum!

    Enjoy your clock :)

  3. The Lucy clock is lovely and so is your cute Lucy. We wish you a good start every morning with this new accessoire :-)

  4. i agree that anything connected to Lucy mah is cute!