Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taipei Tamsui part 2

For those who missed us on the previous episode of Taipei Tamsui Old Street, click on the link for part 1. Hugo Wolf spotted on the train from Taipei Main Station to Tamsui Station.

Welcome to part 2 of Tamsui old street. It was Saturday evening with a massive crowd here at Tamsui.

Another stall selling Tamsui fish balls and ah gei.


This Tamsui fish ball stalls was mentioned in the Taipei travel book but our filled up stomach did not allow us to go for more fish balls.

A cute Piggy sign, but it wasn't selling pork.

The street is getting dark.

It is only 5:30pm and the sky is already as dark as nightfall! Let's see what other local Tamsui delicacies we can find!

Another quail egg stall at Tamsui.

We spot a temple at Tamsui old street

Have no idea what fruit is that.

Walking back to where we started.

The crowd at Tamsui never rest!

Fruit stall at Tamsui selling pink guava! We have never seen pink guava before! Have you? Taiwan's pink guava is very sweet, juicy and crunchy!

Hello Hugo!

A curious onlooker sets his eyes on Hugo Wolf, as usual, getting attention everywhere.

It says German pork knuckle! Wow

And another interesting stall - Deep fried durian!

Shida Night Market, Ximending, Jiu Fen, Keelung coming up soon. Stay tuned! (^_^)


  1. The food looks so yummy... and Hugo looks so cool!!! did u gain some weight in there Hugo? =D


  2. hi Jessica! not just hugo, we all got fat and chubby from the yummy food (^_^)

  3. Hugo sure is enjoying the night life!

    1. Yes, especially in Taipei! The nightlife there is full of yummy food!