Sunday, December 4, 2011

NICI Pug AFA11 - Anime Festival Asia III

Let's joing NICI Pug to the final part of Anime Festival Asia - AFA11. We found a few kawaii cosplay girls.
 And more kawaii anime cosplay girls!

and erm...well the outfit is beautiful :)

Oh well, don't worry..there are cool guys here at the Anime Festival.

NICI Pug spotted hollow mask Ichigo from Bleach.

Shakugan no Shana is one of our favorite anime! And guess what..

we found a real life Shana at the Anime Festival!!! Shana seems to be in a bad mood, NICI Pug didn't dare to go near her  xD

WHAT in the world is that?!!!! Hahahaha

 NICI Pug with Cloud from Final Fantasy. Look at his huge sword!

NICI Pug with Jigoku Shojo (Hell Girl). She's cool isn't she

NICI Pug found Natsu from Fairy Tail!! We are so excited!!! As we mentioned before in part I, Fairy Tail is our favorite anime right now.

Look at the huge crowd at the Anime Festival

There seems to be lots of cosplayers below. NICI Pug will try squeezing through the crowd to meet more cosplayers.

4 of the Shichibukai from One Piece.

Alma Tandoji from Sacred Seven. One of the on-going Japanese anime on tv right now. We watched until episode 4 and got bored.

 We have no idea who he is. But he's definitely scary!

 That blue hair is so cool~ NICI Pug is looking at the cool looking girl behind

NICI Pug spotted another Ichigo from Bleach.

This Ichigo cosplayer is the latest Ichigo outfit fused with fullbring powers.

NICI Pug found a group of Naruto anime cosplayers.

Temari from the Naruto anime sand siblings with her giant folding fan.

NICI Pug approaches the end of the Anime Festival..

Finally NICI Pug saw someone from the K-On anime, and it's his favorite K-On character Mio Akiyama! What a pleasant way to end the Anime Festival Asia with Mio chan. AFA12 is waiting for us next year. Till then!


  1. my sis's fren cosplayed at the event too! she was a gal with robotic hands~~~! :D

  2. All the photos are gorgeous! Especially we love the Kawaii cosplay girls, the real life Shana and the one with Pug and Cloud :-) You are very lucky to join this wonderful event! Many thanks for sharing it with our flock!

  3. @Leona Löwenherz: Thank you Leona, glad you enjoyed the photos. Cloud was really cool, especially the huge sword he was wielding! We'd love to have one of those swords too ^_^

  4. The outfits are really good, those people take it seriously!!! The pics are magnificent, and I'm very happy for you having such a great time there :)

  5. @Raquel: We really enjoyed the anime festival a lot. Next year we will be joining again! Perhaps jolly rosa will cosplay too! Perhaps.. :D