Monday, December 20, 2010

NICI Jolly Mäh Clock?

What's this?? They look like Jolly Mäh

Another Jolly Mäh!

and another!

The real NICI Jolly Mäh appears! It's a Jolly Mäh clock!

The arms of Jolly Mäh clock is a pendulum, it sways left-right left-right left-right. Very adorable!

There's no NICI tag anywhere. It's not an original NICI product, some manufacturer blatantly copied Jolly Mäh's design.

Oh well, they are both from the same country. Seems like Jolly Mäh is quite popular in China for them to produce not only fake NICI plush but also fake NICI merchandises. Hugo Wolf still loves it nonetheless, the clock is too cute!


  1. Though it is not an original product, I like the clock very much!!!

  2. I so wish that.. NICI can come out with this kind of clock :)

    Nice Blog :D

  3. While not an original product the watch is beautiful. Super cute!!!



    Thanks! It's an honor to have the godfather of NICI blogs stop by :D

  5. Sometimes the fakes are too cute to resist.. :p
    I have some fake items of NICI Classic Monkey.. :D

  6. The clock is wonderful :-)Our Jolly Mäh flock is thrilled

  7. Every time I am amazed by the jolly things you encounter.

  8. @potamotrygorgeous: thanks! We are amazed too by some of the things we find, we're happy that it made an interesting read for you :-D

  9. @StephanieGT: we found fake nici monkey neck pillows! They are very cute! They come in a pair, not sure whether u seen it before!

  10. @Leona Löwenherz: not sure whether they're still available but now ww have two jolly Mah clocks in our family now! Theyre too cute not to buy!