Saturday, July 30, 2011

NICI Cushion Apple

This is the NICI cushion apple, the first NICI cushion of any type we ever bought.

This green NICI Cushion apple is from the Jolly Lucy series.

The most interesting thing about this green NICI cushion apple is..the worm in the apple can retract and..

extend to its fullest!! This has certainly be the most amusing thing that NICI ever created.

The NICI cushion apple is very detailed in its features, it has the stalk and leaf of an apple.

Our green NICI cushion apple worm has noticed something sneaking behind it all the time..its a RED APPLE!!

The red and green nici cushion apple looks exactly the same and they are both made of identical soft and smooth material.

Both the cushion apple bears the original NICI tag. The only difference is the red apple has no worm and it cost 3 times less than the Jolly Lucy green apple cushion.

The red cushion apple is not mentioned at all on NICI's website. Thus we cannot be sure if it is real or fake but both the NICI cushion apples are very comfortable to hug and cuddle.

*UPDATE* The red apple is original NICI product, please refer to this entry here -
NICI Red Apple


  1. The red cushion must be false, but still looks nice.

    The other green is beautiful, I love it! ^_^

  2. @Bea:We bought both the apples together from the same place. The red cushion apple certainly feels very real. Was hoping maybe NICI Germany can confirm the authenticity of the red apple :-)

  3. Lucy ate the green apple despite knowing it has a worm..... and got a tummyache...

    Known of any place in JB that sells NICI plushies?

  4. is Pirate Lion and Pirate bear fighting over the pillows?

  5. @Minghui: Haha you noticed something was going on behind! :) Jolly Rosa captured pirate gecko and pirate lion and bear was eagerly trying to save gecko from the 'demonic' hands of rosa.

    Regarding JB, we have checked possible places like metrojaya pelangi plaza and parkson holiday plaza, but to no avail. So far no luck yet :(

  6. i dun blame Rosa.. Gecko is really cute~!
    but i can only find the 35cm in Singapore... :(

  7. @Minghui: Yes Gecko is very cute! Don't know why CNS only brought in the biggest size. What size are you looking for? If you need help to buy, pls drop me an email. We can discuss there ^_^

  8. CNS mentioned that they do not bring in the 25cm for one-off series... :(

    Really?? I want the 25cm Gecko!! Will email you!! thks!! ^^

  9. @Minghui: Yes please send me a mail ^^ I wanted to mail you first but I can't find your email address anywhere on your blog.

  10. Strange that a store would sell real Nici and fake Nici, I hardly believe that, but maybe your country is different that way. Strange also that Nici Germany (or any other Nici website) hasn't talked about the red cushion.

    Very funny that the worm can retract by the way. I must restrain myself from also buying this. Must stick with sheep, must stick with sheep, must stick.. ;)

  11. The green apple is wonderful and the idea of the worm very funny. And I am sure all your plush like to cuddle on this beautiful comfortable cushion. I love all the photos, especially the last one :-)

  12. @potamotrygorgeous: Strange is not an issue, the red apple cushion is beautiful and very nice to cuddle. Fake or not, it doesn't matter, it is not affecting the sale of the green apple in any way because the green apple is an entirely different cushion because of the cute worm. You WILL love it and will not regret buying it!! Our entire flock loves playing with the worm so much! :-D

  13. @Leona Löwenherz: Thank you Leona for your lovely comments! Yes, the idea of the worm is really hilarious! Wonder why NICI Germany did not advertise or promote the worm's specialty. Many NICI fans definitely do not know about the worm! We never thought of buying the green apple until we saw the real cushion and realised how cute the worm is!! :-)

  14. There is something about the worm from the look of his eyes ... LOL. But seems that the worm always "bullied" by Lucy.

  15. @Brigette: Our jolly lucy is not here yet, we'll see what happens when she comes! ^_^