Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chijmes Chijmes Chijmes

Today we brought Hugo Wolf to Chijmes (pronounced as chimes). Chijmes is a historical building in Singapore which previously served as a catholic convent called the Convent of Holy Infant Jesus.

Chijmes has since been restored to a commercial building for restaurants, bars and shops. Located at the central area near City Hall MRT, Chijmes is a great place for food and drinks with a unique entourage.

On the entrance of Chijmes, there is a beautiful Gothic style chapel which Hugo Wolf is right in front of.

 A good view of the chapel in Chijmes without Hugo. Gothic design is absolutely gorgeous.

 Inside the Chijmes building, you will instantly be greeted with lots of restaurants and bars.

Restaurants and bars in Chijmes mostly cater for business at night so its without a soul now.

We will head upstairs and have a look around Chijmes..What is Hugo Wolf doing at the staircase..

 As we ascend upstairs, we see some old pictures hanging on the wall of how the Chijmes building looked like in the olden days.

Hugo Wolf at a nice long corridor at the 2nd level of Chijmes

Hugo Wolf at Chijmes. Anyone needs a professional model for photography, please dial 1900-112-HUGO-WOLF, toll free

Hugo Wolf found something interesting! The gents at the 2nd level of Chijmes is a complete see through! If you're wondering whether the ladies look like this too, the answer is.....Nope

As we descend the staircase in Chijmes..

Hugo Wolf came across another old picture of Chijmes, the entrance and the chapel looks exactly the same isn't it?

Hugo Wolf at Chijmes with the view of the chapel from the side..

Hugo Wolf at Chijmes and another view of the chapel from the back..

The chapel of Chijmes is on the left and the other building with a cross is the Cathedral Of The Good Shepherd. We will pay a visit there one day.

A better view of both the chapel in Chijmes and Cathedral Of The Good Shepherd without the big chubby Hugo Wolf blocking most of the scenery (^_^)

There's an escalator in Chijmes! An old building with modern infrastructure.

Look at the lobsters! Alright we will leave you with one last picture for Chijmes..

There is an urban legend recently reporting a wolfy figure sighted at Chijmes, but no one can confirm "its" existence or what exactly it is. Some say its a werewolf, some say its the superhero wolverine. NICI-Mania sets out to Chijmes to find out the truth...



  1. Very beautiful place! In Spain there are many old convents converted to hotels with a lot of charm. Kisses :)

  2. The pics so beatiful, very pretty! ^_^

  3. @Raquel: Those hotels must be beautiful! :-)

  4. Hehe, Hugo we like this wolf sculpture, it's beary cool!

  5. Superhero Wolverine haha very funny. Chijmes is really a wonderful place to visit. We love those chapels and would like to have a walk there. Thanks for sharing these brilliant photos :-)

  6. How great would it be seeing Hugo Wolf going up or down the stairway haha..

  7. @Jerry and Ben: Thanks Jerry & Ben! That wolf sculpture is cool :))

  8. @Leona LöwenherzDanke! We're glad you enjoyed our pictures :D