Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New HP Laptop (Pavilion G Series)

NICI-Mania went shopping recently for a new laptop and we came back with a huge bag of surprise for Hugo Wolf.

Its a new HP laptop Pavilion G series. Hugo Wolf looks in excitement!

Hugo Wolf is going to unbox his new HP laptop. This HP Pavilion G4 laptop is gonna replace our old Compaq Presario V300 laptop. They are very similar in design. After all, both HP and Compaq are one big family.

Hugo Wolf salivating at the new fiery red HP laptop.

Booting the HP laptop up for the first time. Hugo Wolf is very happy with our new purchase.

New HP Pavilion G4 Laptop specs:
- Intel Core i5 processor
- 14 inch HD LED display
- 500GB Hard disk
- ATI Radeon Graphics 1GB
- Altec Lancing speakers - SRS Premium
- Wireless LAN and Bluetooth
- Build in Webcam and Mic
- Dual Layer Multi DVD Writer
- Build in card reader
- Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
- 6 cell Lithium battery

We love the Altec Lansing speakers on the new HP laptop. Our old Compaq Presario laptop had Altec Lansing speakers too and we were impressed by its sound quality and how loud it can get compared to most of the other laptops.

Hugo Wolf checking our very own NICI-mania website with the new HP laptop.

Jolly Rosa came over and exclaimed "This HP laptop is mine!"
Both of you gets to use it anyway!

This new HP Pavilion G Series laptop will satisfy our needs for another 5 years!
Until then ^_^


  1. Is so cool your new laptop! At Christmas I also want to buy a new one since mine have 6 years. I probably will buy the Toshiba brand.

  2. @Bea: Good! 6 years is long enough, its time to get a new laptop! (^_^)

  3. Yes! I'll be sure to get a good and to see the videos in high definition (in the mine are many problems and I'm tired).

  4. Yayyyy! Enjoy your new laptop!

  5. nice spec! i also need to upgrade my laptop d , ho oh

  6. Congratulations for your new laptop and have much fun with it. Seems that the plush like to work and play with this nice red one :-) Kisses

  7. I hope you will enjoy your purchase for a long time to come and that you will use the computer for keep blogging as wel ;)
    Very nice that you bought yourself a red one. Finally something different than always the same old boring black!

  8. Maybe you have a tip for me? How can I add a picture when I comment here? I see that other bloggers do have a picture, but my name remains blank..

  9. @Leona Löwenherz: Thank you Leona! Greetings from our flock :))

  10. @potamotrygorgeous: You are right about our HP laptop color! That is why we chose red because we wanted something different ^_^

    Regarding your question. If you want a picture beside your name, the simplest way is to register a blogger account. You can then upload a picture of yourself and link your web page in the profile, same as what Leona Löwenherz did :))

  11. Wow! A new laptop! You sure are lucky Hugo! You'll need a new picture for your screen. We suggest a giant photo of Jerry and Ben. (hehehehehe)